Psychic Soul Connection readings access valuable information and guidance beyond the physical ‘seen’ world from the Angelic Realm, the Spirit world, Your guides, Universal energies and most importantly messages from your Soul through Soul to Soul to connections.

Your Soul, your guides, your loved ones in Spirit and the Angelic are all divinely guiding you to where you need to be in your life for your Highest Good.

I am here to help you make sense of  those loving nudges and to assist you with the direction and clarity that you are seeking in all areas of your life at this time. 


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You can expect a loving, compassionate and nurturing safe environment when you attend your reading.

My approach to readings brings clarification and perspective that quite often leads to your empowerment and self-awakening.

During your reading, I connect with your Soul to assist in providing you with guidance and support for your life’s purpose.

Bringing forth guidance from your higher self to support you in all areas of your life, relationships, finances, business and or career path. 

During this, I also access your future timeline to provide you with practical guidance and direction. 

I connect with your Angels who are here to assist you on your journey in this life.
I connect with your loved ones in Spirit to pass on messages, of love, guidance and support.

These connections provide you with the evidence that we continue to exist in the
Universal energy of continued existence once we leave our physical bodies.

Psychic Soul Readings

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In Person or via Zoom 
1hr – $444
30 min – $222

You have the Power, Knowledge and Wisdom within you 
to change the course of your life


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Certified Angel Guide (Hay House Kyle Gary)
Certified Angel Card Mastery (Kyle Gary)
Certified Angel Card Reader & Certified Angel Intuitive

International Psychic Medium,
Student of The Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship United Kingdom

Certified Flower Therapy Healer (Robert Reeves)

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