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Be the Caterpillar

When you are constantly on the move, always focusing your attention on the next best thing you can miss out on the chance to fully embody all of the brilliant transformations that are going on within you. We come from a generation of quick fixes, overachieving, and setting the next goal. All of which creates a constant desire to have more and to be more. This insistent desire to keep

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Blue Tardis is out of order!

As a kid growing up, I loved the series, Dr Who. I was absolutely fascinated and sometimes terrified at the idea of multidimensional worlds and travelling back in time. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all travel back in time and make different choices based on the information that we have access to today? But ALAS!! The blue Tardis is out of order and travelling back into the past

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Who am I without nothing?

I often ask myself who am I? Who am I without my house?Who am I without my name?Who am I without my things?Who am I without my titles and certificates?Who am I without my business? I sit and I ponder this often. Here is what I have come up with today and it could look completely different tomorrow.  I am a girl – I feel this often as I have

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Spirituality is not a get out of jail free card in the human experience

This is a misconception that I have come across many times on my spiritual journey. There seems to be this idea that because I am connected to my heart, the Universe and Spirit that I am somehow exempt from experiencing pain, grief, and suffering.  If anything, I would say to you that my experiences throughout my life have at times been the complete opposite.  There is not a time in

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It’s ok not to be ok!

I woke up today and the weight of the world seemed to crash down on me. I have spent weeks with the mindset and intention that this whole virus thing would not beat me or get me down. I have realised today that there has been an aspect within myself that has felt that there is a need to fight or defend against this. I have taken it upon myself

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The Power of the Divine Feminine Collective

I have known in my heart for some time now that it is the power of the feminine collective that will ultimately create the greatest change in this world. To see this an action on a large scale throughout my recent trip to Fiji at the Ultimate Girls Week Away retreat was mind blowing. During the first day as everyone arrived I could see that they were unsure of themselves

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“You are the one who opens the door for another to walk through in their own time”

As healers, coaches, empaths, seekers of truth, lovers of personal growth and development and therapists, it becomes second nature to offer your tools and aid to those in need. You probably find that people are randomly drawn to you and will openly and almost immediately share with you all that is not working for them in their lives. Many of them will seek your advice and your help so that they too

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Nurture your Faith

“The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, The more Fearless and Free I AM.” Your faith can move mountains and as you harness the energy of that faith in your Higher Power the more fearless you become. This is an opportunity as we move into the powerful energies of 2020 to put into place all of that belief and to fully walk your talk. Your faith is like a beautiful

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Do you recognise your patterns of behaviour?

We all have strategies that you use unconsciously to cope with life. In the last week and today I have had several epiphanies about myself. I have been using several strategies to avoid feeling my emotions and they have snuck up on me over the last few months. Now I have never proclaimed to have all of the answers and I recognise that I am a continuously evolving work in progress. What I do

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Are you Listening to your Body?

Why is it that we have this bullshit belief that we have to soldier on no matter how badly we may be feeling. You could literally be dripping with sweat high with fever and still you will say to yourself “suck it up and get on with it”. I really do feel that as women (sorry guys) we often feel the weight of responsibility with some underlying need to prove

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