Ascension Reiki & Sound Healing

Ascension Reiki

In person or
via Skype
1 hour

Ascension Reiki is an incredibly powerful form of hands-on healing. It works to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stresses and blockages and also rebalances the chakras. Ascension Reiki empowers the body to heal itself.

It is a Masters Reiki – a profound system for healing, which has been brought forth to assist mankind in the mastery of one’s life.

Ascension Reiki is a gentle path to self-realisation and to finding lasting happiness. 
All you need is an open heart and a willingness to discover the inner essence within. The level of consciousness that can be achieved has both inspired me and constantly has me in awe. Ascension Reiki has opened my world to endless possibilities, and I hope it does the same for you.

I am a Master Teacher of Ascension Reiki and Angelic Attunements of Light


Ascension Reiki and Angelic Attunements of Light includes the original information of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of healing and the original Atlantean information. Forgotten knowledge is brought forward through the Angelic Realms, building on the traditional Usui system with new healing techniques, knowledge and symbols.

It was channelled through Dr Mikao Usui, and the Archangel Metatron, to Jacqueline Phillips, founder of “In the Presence of Angels”. So it brings to us information and knowledge as was known in Atlantis that has long been lost due to the Angelic element being forgotten. However, we are once again ready to receive this knowledge through those teachers with consciousness high enough to accept these teachings.

It includes new symbols recovered from the Atlantean age that work in unity with the traditional Usui Reiki symbols.

When you learn Ascension Reiki you are introduced to the Healing Angels, the purest energy source, ensuring purity of healing. Therefore, if the lessons are received with an open heart, they will will help you move from fear back to love, in the Ascension process.


During the receiving of the Reiki attunements, you will be guided to your highest truth and there will be a letting go of non-serving energies and physical blocks which will assist you on your new journey. You will be given symbols as part of the attunements. These symbols become embedded in our subconscious mind, and their energy helps us break through fears, ready to be taken forward to Ascension and the New Golden Age. Furthermore, these symbols are added tools and techniques for our healing tool kit which accelerates our learning and our path to Ascension.

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Reiki & Sound Healing

In person or
via Skype
1 hour

In this session you will be treated to a relaxing healing Reiki session followed by the healing tones of the following instruments:
Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Pyramid, Tibetan singing bowl along with Chakra Energy Bar Chimes.

A wonderful experience of healing while not only listening to the harmonic sounds but also experiencing the vibrational frequency of each.

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing


Jacqueline Mary Phillips
Edna Price
Elaine Huges
Kerryn Slater (Me)