The Power of Appreciating Nature

I find it interesting that we are often given the intuitive nudge to be somewhere or to do something that our bodies and our hearts need. 
I have really been feeling the pull lately to get out in nature and be by the water and I am so blessed that I am lucky enough to live by the sea. 
So I followed this pull and went for a walk along the beach.
I felt deep in my heart that this was a time that I needed to move my body and an opportunity to fully appreciate Mother Earth in all her beauty.
Whenever I am by the sea or out in nature it allows my heart to open and my consciousness to expand.
Lets talk about the power of appreciating nature. 
It is in my appreciating of the beauty around me that I find myself more in alignment with the Divine.  
In these moments it feels as though my crown chakra opens and the stream of Divine love and insight pours into every fibre of my Being. 
I am constantly in awe of the ocean, the power of the waves, the beauty of the contrasting colours, the clouds in the sky and the feel of the sand/earth beneath my feet.
As I am walking along with the energy of the divine flowing through me and gazing at all of the beauty that the Great Mother has to offer me that I let go of all resistance, all worry, all concerns and plans for the future and just allow myself to be fully present in this moment. 
As I walk I thank our great Mother for her support and grounding beneath my feet, I thank her for the salt air that touches my skin and moves into my body through my breath, I thank her for the contrasting of the darkness of the clouds and the light of the sun, I thank her for the sound of her constant ebb and flow of the waves, I thank her for the gift of the life all around me and I allow my awareness to shift to that of the Divine and that of the Great Mother simultaneously.
Sometimes I feel so small as I stand here held within the arms of the Divine and that of the Mother Earth.  
I feel tiny and minuscule in their presence for I am just a spec of life on this giant planet orbiting throughout an incomprehensible vastness of this mighty cosmos. 
In my sense of feeling small I have often wondered in my life does the Divine see me, hear me or even know that I exist. 
In all of the life that must exist throughout the Universe how could the Divine even possibly be aware of me, this tiny spec that compared to the universe would not even amount to the smallest molecule. 
What I have discovered is YES the Divine not only knows me intimately, it knows exactly where I am in any given moment, it knows what I am feeling and it knows where I have been and where I am going to. 
How do I know this? 
I know this because in the moments that I appreciate the beauty of this life I am instantly transmitting an invitation signal for the Divine to join in this experience with me.
The most profound and uplifting experiences of Divine connection have occurred within me through a state of appreciation and wonder. 
We seek so continuously a way to enlightenment, through study, reading, gurus and so much more.  Always searching always seeking. 
Yet all you need do is appreciate the natural beauty of this life and it will come open armed to you.
There can be no thought of yesterday, today or tomorrow when you appreciate the magical wonder of this life. 
As I sit appreciating the wonder of our Great Mother she responds with the changing colour of the waters, the sun shining through a gap in the clouds and birds singing acknowledging my love and returning it to me.
As I sit with the love of the Divine flowing through me and the love of Mother Earth beneath me I am in that moment held as a child of both. 
It is here that I know in my heart that the Divine does indeed know that I am here and I no longer feel so small.

What is the purpose of Heartbreak?

Most of us have been in that situation where we have had the make the painful decision to end a relationship, or it was ended by the other person.

There are months or even years of
heartbreak and pain in trying to make something work that is clearly not filling
you with support, love and friendship.

Years of perhaps trying to change who you are in order for the other person to treat you the way that you deserve and wish to be treated.
Years of trying to change another in order for you to feel safe and loved.
Years of probably thinking why don’t they love me enough to treat me the right way. 
Perhaps the other has betrayed your trust in some way and they are the ones who have ended the relationship.
Or over time you just fell out of love with this person, you may have grown and changed and they have remained the same.

We are often left with feelings of guilt, betrayal, hurt and a sense at having failed in some huge way, and confused as to where it all went wrong.

Amidst the pain there is a sense of
shame that leads to the belief that something must be wrong with you and that
must be the reason why the relationship did not work. 

In that moment your heart is broken and your world is shattered, and then there is the added embarrassment of having to reveal this to the world around you.
In some cases you may be fully supported, in others you may be judged and criticised.

What I find most surprising is that the ones that you thought would be there for you are often the ones that disappear and are nowhere to be seen. 
This only leads to further feelings of pain and heart break and grief.

Pain of losing something comes in so many different forms, the loss of a job, the loss of a pet, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a relationship, receiving a medical diagnosis that changes your world, or the loss of a loved one.

All of these situations are painful,
they are fearful and they are heartbreaking to say the least. 

So, what is the purpose of
experiencing pain, what is the purpose of heartbreak, what is it that this
really achieves?

What I have come to know through my experiences of heartbreak at relationship losses, of family fallouts, of friendship breakdowns, and of the loss of loved ones, all seems to have an underlying flavour and theme.

These situations have occurred in my
life to crack open my heart, to fill me with a deeper sense of awareness of the
Universe and for me to grow on so many levels.

Co dependant and abusive
relationships have taught me these invaluable lessons: 

I have a strength within me that I did not know was there
I am capable of living my life for myself without needing the permission of another to be myself 
I discovered who I was, who I wanted to be and what mattered to me in my life 
I became an independent individual capable of making my own life decisions 
I learned to love me for who I am and to no longer take on the beliefs of another 
I developed deep self worth and deep self love for all of me 
I recognised that I am worthy, valuable and beautiful 
I learned to celebrate my quirkiness and my weirdness 
I reconnected to my own unique spiritual gifts
I learned to provide myself with all that I could ever need from another 
I learned that all I need to change is how I feel about myself and the world around me and life will meet me there 
Happiness is an inside job, it cannot be obtained from any person, thing or place
I am worthy, I am valuable, I am whole and complete just as I am.

The loss and heartbreak of losing a
loved ones has taught me these invaluable lessons:

The first loss that I experienced led to some serious questioning of why we are even here and what is the purpose of our existence which ignited my 30 year spiritual quest.
This catapulted me into the realms of all things Universal, Spirit and consciousness.
I discovered and connected with my higher power along with my Soul.
I gained the understanding that all life is precious.
Love is the answer to all, it is our natural state of Being.
What we think is important now can be gone tomorrow so make the most of what you have and are today.
Our existence continues long after we leave this physical plane.
We are all connected.
There is more to this life than meets the eye.
Life wants to support us.
This world is filled with beauty should we choose to see this.
We are powerful beyond measure.
Grief and loss is often the greatest catalyst to awakening and deep spiritual enlightenment. 

In every painful experience there is a beautiful gift, a hidden jewel just waiting for you to discover. 

To get to this hidden Jewel we must
first allow ourselves to feel the fullness of the emotions that are arising as
painful as they may be. 

It is this pain that breaks the
chains of your heart and this allows your Souls light to shine through. 

Every situation is happening for you, not against you.  
They are golden opportunities for your Souls growth and your hearts expansion. 
In an instant what you thought was important can drop away and in its place the real value of your life is revealed to you. 
Your priorities change and simplicity becomes a must, relationships deepen, and you no longer take your life for granted.

As your Soul shines through you are able to then glean all of the learnings of these painful lessons.
Lessons such as recognising your own worth, redefining your boundaries, discovering your ideal relationship or committing to living a more fulfilling life. 
Sometimes it is as simple as recognising that love is more important than any material object or achievement.

As I look back over my life and all
of the traumatic, painful and heartbreaking situations that I have been through
not one of them has been for nothing. 

Every one of them has been the
springboard for higher learning, greater personal growth and a deep far
reaching connection to the love of the Universe and those around me. 

You are no longer the same person
that you were before you went through this pain and suffering. 

Take time to acknowledge how far you
have come, how much you have grown and how significantly you have changed as a

Seek the jewels and they will be
revealed to you and as you discover them your healing and growth will be integrated
into your Heart and your Soul. 

The Eternal Soul

I have come to know and realise that there are very few things in this life that we can be sure of.
Death is the one surety that we have in this life along with birth, and as many would say taxes is another. 
But what does death really mean? 
Our lives are constantly surrounded by views of death, it is an ending of one thing and a beginning of another. 
For example, when summer comes to an end it makes way for the birthing of Autumn. 
When Autumn comes to an end it makes way for Spring. 
When Spring comes to an end it makes way for Summer. 
We see this in the Earth around us.
A life cycle shows how a living thing grows and changes. While plants life cycles keep going, a plant’s life begins with the seed. With water, right temperature and right location, the seed grows. It becomes a seedling. Roots push down into the ground to get water and minerals.  The stem reaches for the sun, and leaves begin to unfold. A bud appears. 
The plants then produce flowers. The flowers are then pollinated in many ways – by bees, moths, butterflies, insects, moths, bats, butterflies and even by the wind. 
The pollinated flower turns into fruit. The new seeds are inside the fruit.  The ripe fruit drops to the ground and the cycle begins again.
When we plant foods to eat and they are not picked they go to seed once again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We see the trees and flowers come to life in spring to then die or become dormant in Autumn to then come to life again in spring.
Again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We do this regularly ourselves throughout our lives.
A relationship ends and makes way for new more fulfilling relationships.
We let go of habits, people and situations that no longer serve us and this too makes way for a rebirthing of who we are to become.
People come into our lives to fulfil a purpose then leave our life, making way for the new to be birthed.
We ourselves continually change and grow, we outgrow old beliefs making way for new beliefs to be birthed that reflect who we are now.
In some traditions it is believed that the human spirit or Soul is born into this life and once you leave the human body you are immediately reborn to then continue the cycle of life. 
In others it is believed that once you no longer have a need for this human body you move into Spirit and journey to heaven or the Spirit Realms where you then have the choice to continue the human life experience for your Souls expansion and evolution. 
There is also another school of thought that suggests that you can be living many lives in many dimensions and realities simultaneously.
I have been working with Spirit for near on 30 years now and it has been my direct and personal experience that the essence of who we are continues on long after the human body has been released. 
Why is it then that so many fear the idea of death if you are going to continue on as a Soul within this magnificent Universe?
The essence of you is the you beyond your thoughts, it is the you beyond your emotions, it is the you beyond your physical body. 
There is an essence within you that transcends all of the day to day trials and tribulations that you experience in the here and now. 
An essence that has ultimately experienced many lifetimes and it is this core essence that has no fear of life or of death. 
So what really is the fear?
Is it the fear of the unknown for what lies beyond our physical senses? 
Is it the fear of not having lived life to the fullest? 
Is it the fear of retribution?
Very old school now but so many people do fear the judgement that they believe will be waiting them on the other side. 
Often it is the fear of the finality of death, not being able to see or be with loved ones here in the physical realm. 
As a Medium, I have regularly been visited by my loved ones and friends who have moved from this existence into the next.
They come still with aspects of their personality that they had in this life but they are now filled with an energy of light, of unconditional love and joy at where they are now existing. 
They also come with such deep compassion, complete understanding of who you are and absolutely no judgement. 
I recently had the experience of a loved one passing on from this life. 
It was the evening of their passing and as I was settling into bed to drift off to sleep, I felt their presence in my room, as soon as I acknowledged this presence I was completely surrounded and filled with the sense of joy, of freedom, and of complete and utter happiness. 
This was this persons Soul communing with me, and of course I had asked if they were ok, and the sensations and feelings that filled me were of all of the above. 
There was no regret, there was no sadness there was just complete ecstasy, joy and love.
What also lifted me was the expansiveness of how they felt, not just a single entity but a Being that is free to be where ever they choose to be and the total wonder of absolute oneness with all. 
I felt in that moment that they were not just with me but with everyone that they loved simultaneously, and had the profound sense that they were surrounding each and every person with this same energy. 
It was their way of providing comfort and support to all who were grieving as well as providing beautiful healing light to all. 
It was the joy that really got me though, it was so amazing that I wanted to stay suspended within that. 
It was not the fleeting joy that many of us experience as usually this is attached to external objects or conditions.  
This was simply pure joy at just being, of being at one with all, of being free, of being full stop. 
In all of my interactions with Spirit the message is always the same. 
Love is all there is 
We are all one 
We continue to be
Live your life now 
The worries that we fill our lives up with do not serve us 
At the end of the day, the grievances that we hold today cease to exist in death.
This life is all about learning and experiencing.
We are here to create to experience joy and to remember who we are.
Death is not the end but the beginning of complete living.
Our loved ones continue to love us, they surround us and they walk with us.
The people who you interact with in this life are your Soul family – Souls who have agreed to play their part in your life and you in theirs.
In death you are all beloved friends.
At the moment of death you are surrounded by all who have gone before you.
In the moment of death your rebirth is celebrated and all who love you joyfully await your arrival.
The most empowering message however is that we do not need to wait until death of the human form to experience what is available to us in Soul form. 
This is part of the human journey, to recognise this, to know this and to live this. 
When you go within there is a place deep within you where a quiet ocean of stillness exists. 
This is the true essence of who you are. 
It is here that you journey below the crazy constant chatter of the mind. 
It is here that you drop beneath the overwhelm of emotions. 
And it is here that true peace can be found. 
When we access the stillness within us we are freed from all external binds that hold us on a continuous merry go round of emotion and thought. 
It is in this freedom that you experience the full wonderment of connection, unity and joy.
It is here that the death of the ego occurs making way for full conscious awareness to arise.
It is here that you reunite to the Soul aspect of yourself, the essence of you that is connected to all. 
At the end of the day when we have outgrown the need for this human form and have completed all that we have come to do we simply shift from one form of consciousness to another. 
Continuing yet another cycle of death and rebirth. 
Are you brave enough to fully live your life? 
A question that I often ask myself is “How much will I regret not doing this thing that I want to do?”
Do I want to be meeting with death and wishing that I had done so much more? 
The answer to that for me is no. 
Do I want to waste my precious time reliving the past? A past that I have no way of changing.  
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to spend my precious time worrying about a future that may never arrive?
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to be spending my precious time wishing desperately that I was somewhere else?
The answer to that is no. 
Do I want to be wasting my precious energy on people and places that do not serve me?
The answer to that is no 
What I do want to do with my precious time here on earth is love as deeply as I can. 
I aim to accept all of who I am
I aim to revel in all of the beauty that this life offers to me.
I aim to connect daily to that deeper essence within so that fear may be a stranger in my heart and my life.
I aim to be joyful in all that I am and all that I do.
I seek the stillness in the world around me, a realm beyond the chaos.
I seek to express what arises within me.
I seek to let go of what my mind would have me hold strongly.
I seek the essence within you that is the same essence within me. 
May you live your life to the fullest and know that even if you don’t, that’s still ok. 
You have an eternity to do all that you wish to do, so go easy on yourself. 
Big Love 

My Eat Pray Love Journey

If you haven’t already read Liz’s Eat, Pray Love I highly recommend doing so. 

Maybe you have already watched the movie. 

For me I am an avid book reader, and even more so I love to listen to the author retell their own story. 

I find that this connects me on such a deeper level to the energy and the emotion behind their story. 

What stood out for me most when I read this beautifully moving book was how much of her story that I resonated with on such an incredibly deep and personal level. 

I too had gone through divorce, and the lead up to finally making this decision was incredibly painful to me. 

I felt as though I had failed not only myself but my family, and there was unexpected fall out in my decision that plunged me into a terrible depression. 

Unfortunately at that time in my life I turned my back on my already much travelled spiritual journey and I became angry with the world.

It was this turning my back on my spirituality, my connection to Source and my guides that had me journey a 10 year path of anxiety, depression and stress. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were some amazing moments during this time as well, but most of it was overshadowed by a deep unhappiness that no matter what I did or how I tried to numb this nothing really seemed to lift me out of the where I was at. 

It wasn’t until late 2015 that I knew deep in my heart that I could no longer continue to live the life that I was living. 

I had started to talk to the Universe again, actually I was daily begging Source to somehow help me and to save me from myself. 

There were a series of intense events that occurred in my life at that time over several months, it was as though the Universe had stacked up all of the Dominos and was patiently waiting for the right moment that it could push the first one. 

I was gently guided to meditation and was strongly guided to commence a daily meditation practice and this was amazing to me as it really started the opening up of my heart process and cracking open the door of the Universe. 

This to me felt as though this was perhaps the first domino that had begun to fall. Of course it wasn’t until a few months later that I was able to really see that as a truth I was completely oblivious to what was about to occur as I was fully in survival mode only at that time. 

It often amazes me but really shouldn’t surprise me that it is largely heartbreak that will crack you wide open for the real shift and change to take place. 

And it was through this experience that I found myself on my knees to God/Source begging for help, begging to be saved from myself and begging to be shown the way forward. 

This was the beginning of my incredible reawakening and it happened fast, once the dominos fell and I surrendered to the process the acceleration of my awakening, my healing, reconnecting to my Soul, reconnecting to the unconditional love of the Universe, speaking once more to God was on a fast train one way trajectory that no one and nothing could stand in the way of. 

The last five years of my life has been my complete focused intention of finding God/Source, of finding myself and of course discovering my purpose in this life. 

There have been moments of such exquisite expansion, complete out of body experience, a sense of complete unity and oneness that utterly took my breath away, it was such an incredible moment that I wondered how on earth I possibly I could fit back into my human body. 

Synchronistic events and moments that have blown me away and filled me with joy. 

In surrendering to all of this, I often have to pinch myself for all that has occurred in my life over the last 5 years. 

It literally feels to me that until that moment I had been completely asleep and only then did I wake up to this life. 

In all honesty there was an aspect of myself that until that moment hadn’t really decided to truly live or be here. 

My life is now filled with love, with compassion, with healthy fulfilling relationships and I thank God/Source with all of my heart everyday for saving me from myself and opening my eyes and heart.

So it is truly an honour that I will be getting to be in the same space as Elizabeth Gilbert where she will be sharing her personal journey, her insights and her spiritual teachings with us all. 

The Ultimate Girls Week Away is a week of spiritual teachings, of connecting to like minded beautiful women all on their own journey who are also seeking their own inner wisdom, a spiritual connection and a chance to nurture yourself. 

Are you ready to have your very own Eat Pray Love adventure? 

There is not a moment that I would change and it is a journey that I am blessed to still be living and breathing everyday.

I invite you to allow myself, Liz and 29 incredible facilitators to hold space for you to have your own experience of self discovery.

Yes I know, Liz, Lizzy, THE Elizabeth Gilbert, it is going to take all of my willpower not to gush and be all fan like. 

It is going to be so hard to stay cool in her presence. 

I’ll probably snort and laugh hysterically lol 

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Big Magic and Love,


The Rising of Mumma Bear

When it comes to the love and safety of your cubs nothing else matters.
There is nothing more powerful than the primal rising of the Mumma Bear.
When Mumma Bear kicks in all rationality flies out the window, all your spiritual tools once activated and tapped into fall away in the path of Mumma Bear.
In its place rises the warrior, although she may feel helpless and just a tad fearful she is ready to tackle, fight and conquer that which is the cause of her cubs pain.
Mumma Bear has no thought of words, she has no care for protocol and she absolutely does not give a flying fuck of who may be in her path, if you are unlucky enough to be standing there you will soon find yourself flat on the ground.
Mumma Bear is ready to take on anything and anyone who stands within an inch of her cubs sacred space, and she will not give a thought to time, distance or cost.
In the moment that Mumma Bear awakens, the person that she identifies with ceases to exist.
It is primal, it is ancient and she will not be soothed or rest until her cubs are safe and well.
Those who dare mess with her cubs could not possibly fathom the depths or the lengths that Mumma Bear will go to, to protect her cubs.
There is no mountain that she cannot climb in the name of her cub, there is no ocean that she cannot cross to get to her cub, there are no demons or monsters that she cannot slay to keep her cub safe from harm.
There is nothing that can stand in the way of the fierceness of a Mumma Bears love.  
The energy required to maintain the full force of the Mumma Bear can only be sustained for short periods of time.
It arises as an intense force of nature, like a cyclone that blows in destroying everything in its path, but like the cyclone it eventually blows itself out. 
Once the wind dies down, once the volcano stops spewing lava, once the rain stops there lies a deep calming presence.
Mumma Bear is uncontrollable, Mumma Bear knows only fear and anger, Mumma Bear only has her own energy and resources to draw on and once that has been depleted she is left feeling spelt, lifeless and yes even helpless and perhaps a little sheepish.
So I have a confession to make, I recently allowed myself to fully, utterly and completely succumb to the warrior Amazon Lioness Dragon Mumma Bear deep within.
I surrendered to rage, frustration, anger, fear, and helplessness, and a beautiful dear friend of mine whom I love and adore unfortunately had the pleasure and the displeasure of experiencing my complete crumbling into the full morphing of Mumma Bear and it is fair to say that he was at the receiving end of the full force of all that I was experiencing in that moment.
There were tears, there was snot, there was blubbering, there was anger, and a frustration that was completely irrational.
There may have even been very descriptive ways in which I was going to hunt down and conquer any who had dared to threaten my cub.
I’m embarrassed now that the Mumma Bear has since receded back into the depths of my being and as her energy left my body, as I felt the force of her energy begin to dissipate from my cells, what was left in its place was embarrassment, shame, and a sense of everything that I am trying to control is not in my control.
As a mother there is nothing worse than witnessing or hearing the pain and the suffering in your cubs voice and in that moment I wanted more than anything to take all of that away.
I wanted so desperately to remove all that pain so that my beautiful cub could be at peace to feel happiness and be safe.
In the hours after Mumma Bear left the building I did experience a deep sense of peace and calm.
It was then that I surrendered to the universe and I once more felt the presence of my beautiful angelic friends surrounding me.
It was from this space that I was able to move back into the giving over of my cub to the universe, trusting that there is an angel that is being sent that will assist him in transitioning through this period and to give him all of the support and help that he needs at this time.
From within this space and in the receding of Mumma Bear, all that I was left with was the opportunity to surrender, trust, and to come back into alignment.
Embarrassingly, I will forever have black-and-white proof of how fully I succumbed to fear, frustration, anger, and anxiety, and there are words that I spoke in the moment of being completely taken over by the Mumma Bear that will be remembered. 
My only choice in this life as a Mumma Bear is to trust that I have empowered my cubs with all of the tools and resources that they could ever need to live this life that is their life, not my life.
My only choice is to trust that their soul has its own path its own journey it’s only learnings.
In order for the breakthroughs needed for their souls expansion and growth to occur in this life I must take a step back, I must rein in my Mumma Bear and I allow my cubs to experience the fullness of this journey so that they may grow and evolve just as their Soul chose in coming into this world.
Once all of the fire of Mumma Bear is gone what is left is a deep sense of guilt and shame.
I have not always been the greatest mum.
I have in the past made horrendous life choices that effected my cubs.
I wasn’t always there for them when they needed me most.
I was so caught up at times in my own unhappiness, in my own pain, that I wasn’t always available for them.
I didn’t always keep them safe and I didn’t always protect them, and in many ways I have often felt that I have failed them terribly.
Once the dust settled I realised that deep beneath it all on some level, in some way, that if they are happy and ok, my guilt and shame can receed to the deepest corners of my Being so that I can pretend that it is no longer there.
In the face of their pain, hurt and suffering, those darkest aspects of myself rise with even greater intensity within me to remind me of how much I have failed them.
The shame and the guilt burns within my heart like a branding iron marking me for all to see so that they too will know my dark and shameful secret.  
So not only is Mumma Bear fighting to keep her cubs safe from harm, she is also fighting to stop the pain of that shame and guilt from swallowing her up completely.
So as I lay here in the dark thanking the universe for the gift of my incredibly beautiful cubs, cubs that are strong, independent, stubborn, sensitive, empathic, intuitive, gentle, funny and emotionally mature beyond their years, I see clearly the Souls within who have chosen this life journey for the exact situations that I have tried so hard to shield them from.
In this darkened room as I surrender myself to Source, I lovingly hand over these beautiful cubs as it is Source who knows better than I what their real story and life journey is. 
It is Source that has all of the pages to the manuscript as I only have these few pages filled with my lines. 
As I lay here inspired by the words of the beautiful Elizabeth Gilbert, I have invited shame into my heart, I have said to shame “it’s ok, you did the very best that you could and I love you, come into my heart and I will look after you and keep you safe, there is a place for you here.”
To guilt, I have invited into the home of my heart, thank you guilt, you have done your job so well, I have come to know you so well and you are welcome here, come into my home and rest awhile, I love you and I will keep you safe.
To anger, my very dear friend, you have kept me safe for so much of my life, you have been with me for such a very long time and you have worked so very hard, please come into the home of my heart, you must be very tired, come in and rest awhile and I will take care of you and love you. There is a place for you here. 
To fear, my very very dear friend fear, thank you for also working so tirelessly to keep me safe, thank you for showing me how important my cubs and my life are to me, thank you for taking such good care of me, you have done your job so very well. Come into the home of my heart my beautiful friend and I will love you, I will watch over you and I will keep you safe. There is a place for you here. 
Thank you guilt, shame, anger and fear for all that you have done for me. There is a place for all of you here and I am so very grateful to you all.
Everything is going to be ok now because I am going to take over from here.
I’ve got this. 
All is exactly as it should be.
I’ve done the very best that I can and will continue to do the very best that I can.
Will Mumma Bear rise again?
ABSOLUTELY she will, and I love her so very much for that.
Will Mumma Bear arise so intensely again within me?
Probably, but I feel now that she will allow in that moment more space for the truth that ALL will be well to prevail.

My tips on how to calm your anxiety when it sneaks up on you!

Anxiety can at times feel like a well worn glove that you have fully climbed back into before you are even aware of it.

It can start with a churning in your belly, then a tightening in your chest as your throat begins to feel constricted.

Often we go into fear of the anxiety and try on some level to outrun it. To get as far away from the uncomfortable feeling as you can when all this really does is increase the intensity of the sensations occurring in your body.

The underlying emotion in most cases is fear and a lot of the time it can be difficult to even put your finger on what the actual fear may be.

Then the ego mind kicks in and begins to fill your head with scenarios that logically you know are not real but every fibre of your being is responding as though it is happening right here, right now in this very moment.

Energetically what you resist persists, what you deny festers, what you ignore starts to scream out to try and get your attention and before you know it you are in a full blown panic attack.

Often this can feel as though it has come on you with no warning and this can be extremely intense.

What I know for sure though is that this, in most cases, will have been a build up of either hours or days and in your need to move away from the feelings and sensations and in ignoring them, this has actually had the opposite effect.

In these moments, and I am experiencing one of these myself today these are some of the things that I do…

  • Take notice of your surroundings, what can you see and hear, take time doing this
  • Feel the weight of your body where it sits and the sensation of your feet on the ground
  • Bring your attention to your breath
  • Follow the flow of your breath all the way into your body, noticing where in your body it flows to
  • Now follow that breath all the way out of your body, feeling the full flow of it as you exhale
  • Continue this for several breaths
  • Now bring your attention to the area in your body that feels the most uncomfortable, eg belly, chest, throat
  • Place your hands on this area
  • Now breathe into this area, your breath may feel shallow to begin with and that is ok
  • Feel your hands on the area of your body
  • Continue to breathe in and out of this area, and as you do so say a few words of encouragement to this sensation in your body
  • It’s ok, you are safe, everything is going to be ok, you are doing great, I am here for you
  • Sit with this for as long as you feel that you need to and then move onto any other areas of your body repeating the above process

Once you have completed this process you may like to repeat again or do one of the following:

  • Be kind and gentle with yourself
  • Unplug from all media
  • Sit outside and feel the warmth of the sun against your skin
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Sit at your favourite park in nature
  • Spend time with your fur babies
  • Get out of the house
  • Play your favourite music
  • Colour in

May this serve you well.


Your Guardian Angels are by your side

Throughout my life I have always felt that there was a presence around me.

An energy of love that would wrap itself around me whenever I was feeling afraid, confused, overwhelmed and lost.

It wasn’t until I started a development class in my early 20’s though that I first was introduced to the concept of a Guardian Angel.

This was a Being that I was taught walked my life with me however I never really connected to this energy as at that time I was beginning my journey with my Spirt guides and helpers.

In 2012 I was introduced to the beautiful form or Ascension Reiki, this was my first real moment of connecting to and inviting in the presence of Angels into my heart and my life.

These Divine Beings of light have helped me to transform not only myself but also my life on so many levels especially over the last five years.

There is I feel a misconception that we all have that these incredible messengers of the Divine are so far out our league that they are unreachable or perhaps that we are not worthy of their attention or knowing.

We as a human collective have been so conditioned throughout our lives that we are not good enough, that we are on some level flawed to such a degree that a light as pure and as loving as theirs could not even know of our existence.

Perhaps you like me have watched other spiritual teachers and compared yourself to their light and thought that Miracles and Angel miracles are available only to those that have already reached some heightened level of enlightenment.

I have spent a great deal of my life not thinking that I was deserving or worthy of such unconditional love and in order to be so I must first be perfect so as to avoid being rejected.

I have since been taught by these Divine Beings of light that this is so not the case.

Angels have such an enormous amount of love and compassion for all us who are living this human experience.

They recognise that what we are all doing on a Soul level is incredibly valuable for the expansion and awakening of the Human Collective.

They know that as Soul’s what we have agreed to do by incarnating to Planet Earth is extreme to say the least.

We are the only species within the Cosmos that when born are born with complete Amnesia of our Souls knowledge of lifetimes of experiences.

We are born believing that we are separate from each other.

We are born having a deep inner knowing that there is something “More” that we should be.

We are born being able to energetically interpret the world around us and then taught that what we are seeing, feeling, sensing and knowing is just a figment of our imaginations.

Angels are Beings who have in most cases have not incarnated into physical form as we know it.

They are Beings who are like the cells of the Universe all acting in divine harmony for the greater good of the whole.

They are connected always to the heart of the Divine and express only love, wholeness, peace, joy and happiness.

This does not mean though they are not able to share in our lowest moments with us, they see the pain and suffering that we experience and it is from within this space that they continuously stream their loving energy to us.

In these moments though they also see us in our purest form, they see the light of Divinity within us and they see that we are still very much connected to and held within the heart of the Divine.

The Angelic realm and your Guardian Angels are there to assist us in all areas of our lives.

When you agreed to have this human experience you agreed knowing that you would have their assistance at all times throughout your life.

You came into this life knowing that you had all of the skills that you could ever need to fulfil your Souls purpose on hand and at your disposal at all times.

You knew without a doubt that you would never be alone.

You knew that you would always be able to shape your life in any way that you chose to.

You also knew that everyone that you would ever meet in your life would in no way be a stranger to you as they originate from your cluster Soul family group.

Most of all you knew that your Angels would be there to remind you and guide you should you ever lose your way.

Your Guardian Angel or Angels have been with you on your Souls journey for as long as you have existed.

Your Guardian Angel willingly and lovingly chose you as a Soul sister or brother from the moment that you decided to experience a life as a separate personality from the Divine.

Your Guardian Angel has been with you always.

They are an aspect to your higher Soul self and are not separate from you.

They carry within their hearts the records of all lifetimes that you have ever experienced.

Your Guardian Angel is there to shine a light on your path the moment that you feel that you have lost your way.

Your Guardian Angel is there to carry you in the moments that you feel that you are not strong enough to take another step.

Your Guardian Angel is there to wrap you up in their light when your burdens feel to heavy to carry.

Your Guardian Angel is there with a never ending stream of unconditional love to fill your heart when your heart feels as though it cannot possibly take another hurt.

Your Guardian Angel sees the perfect and imperfect within you and loves all of you unconditionally.

Your Guardian Angel is there to give you a gentle nudge when you believe that you are forgotten.

Your Guardian Angel is there placing signs into the tapestry of your life so that at the moment that you look up you are in the right place at the right time to see it.

Your Guardian Angel is on hand at any moment of your day to assist you all you need do is ask.

You are not alone
You are not lost
You are not broken
You are not forsaken
You are not less than
You are not weak
You are not forgotten

Your Guardian Angels are your very own light worker, just you and only you have their fullest attention for the entirety of your life.

They love you so very much and they want very much to be a co creator of your life with you.

This is what they would like me to share with you.

Morning practice:

Each morning place your hand on your heart chakra and rest in gratitude for all that is your life.

Take 5 gentle breaths in and out of your heart chakra.

Ask this following question:

“What would you have me know today?”

Take a few moments now to write whatever comes by way of visual, feeling or thought.

Make this following statement as often as you feel throughout your day.

“Thank you for revealing yourself to me today”

Then go about your day with an open mind and heart that your Angels will find a way to interact with you throughout your day.

Evening Practice:

Have journal handy.

Each evening place your hand on your heart chakra and rest in gratitude for all that went well in your day.

Take 5 gentle breaths in and out of your heart chakra.

In your mind and your heart thank your Guardian Angel/s for moving close to you in a way that is most comfortable to you.

Notice any shifts in energy around you, eg air temperature, tingling sensations in or on your body.

You may feel a presence around you notice where in particular – I will often feel as though someone is touching my head or a hand on my shoulder.

Take notice too of the pressure on your third eye chakra.

Notice the emotions rising within you – I feel loving energy fill my heart.

Take notice of any colours or visuals that you may notice – this can be from within your minds eye with your eyes closed.

Have a sense of what they may look like and feel like.

What stands out to you?

Now take a moment to tune your attention to their personality – what does their personality feel like to you – mine have very good sense of humours and feel very loving and joyful.

Do you see or sense that they have wings or perhaps they do not.

When you feel that you have spent that time with this practice that is comfortable for you be sure to thank your Guardian Angel for their presence and if you feel you need to you can thank them for removing their presence until you call on them again.

Please know that you are always safe and protected in the presence of your Angels however if you feel that you would like to invoke protection to do this exercise there are a few ways that you can do this:

  1. Thank Archangel Michael for protecting you
  2. Visualise yourself wrapped in white light
  3. Set the intention that you are only surrounded by the loving light of the Angels and the Divine

Your Angels are patiently waiting for you to connect with them and for you to invite them into your life.

They are ready to work with you the moment that you decide that you are ready to do so also.


Ode to Source

There is a sadness that prevails throughout my whole Being and it reminds me that I am at times lost without you. 
Your arms hold me when I feel that I am less than.
Your heart surrounds me when I feel that I am not enough. 
Your light shines brightly for me when I feel that I cannot find my way through the darkness. 
A thousand thoughts of what I can do to be who I came here to be. 
Who am I without you?
I am floating endlessly upon an empty ocean hoping at some point to find my feet on solid ground.
The ground beneath my feet can only support me if I know that it is you that guides me true.
My endless seeking can only end when I recognise that it is you that I am seeking. 
Trying forever to find my way home not knowing that home is within the light of you.
My tears are my message to you that I once thought that I was lost.
That I once thought that I was unseen.
That I once thought that I was unheard.
That I once thought that I was unknown.
That I once thought that home was anywhere not you.
That I once felt a loneliness so deep that my tears would never reach the bottom.
I have spent a lifetime on a voyage to nowhere.
That in the nowhere there you were all along waiting patiently for me to remember that you have never left me.
My longing for home was thinking that my heart could ever belong to any other but you.
My remembering is knowing that my heart is yours.
That my feet answer only to the call of your name.
That my hands when given in your name will bring the light.
When my heart filled with your love will always shine bright.
That my words when spoken within your breath will always carry the weight of your truth.
When my eyes seek the beauty of life it will reveal to me your face always.
When I lay my life at your feet I will always in that moment be saved.
When I lay my heart at your hands you will always keep me safe.
When I see myself through your eyes I will always be enough.
In your heart there is no searching.
In your heart I am already home.
In your heart I am forever enough.
In your heart freedom is already mine.
In your heart life is already perfect.
In your heart I am all that I am.
In your heart there is no where for me to be. 
In your heart there is nothing for me to do. 
In your heart I am complete. 
In your heart I trust.
In your heart I live. 
In your heart I am heard.
In your heart I am seen. 
In your heart I am known. 
In your heart I am healed.
In your heart I am whole. 
In your heart I am home.
In my heart I am yours forever more.

Are fear and your Ego mind controlling your life? And if so are you tired of it yet?

What is the Ego mind really? I am sure that you have heard me speak of this before and I guess that I will continue to speak of it for as long as we, a human collective, have an Ego.

I loved that Wayne Dwyer said EGO = Edging God Out and no truer words have been spoken.

The Ego is the negative Nancy in your head that tells you tonnes of bullshit stories such as…

I’m not good enough
I can’t do this or that
When I look like this I’ll be able to do that
I can’t do this because my body is not the right shape
When I look that way then I’ll be able to live my souls purpose
When I find have the right relationship I’ll have happiness
It’s not safe to trust.

Feeling as though you are in competition with others.
Feeling excessively that you are better or more intelligent than everyone else yet do nothing to share that intelligence to help empower others.
Reliving your pain story over and over again.
Starting your Spiritual awakening and then allowing self doubt, self worth and the non support of people around you to convince you that it is not for you.

I am continually hearing peoples stories as to why they cannot be well, why they can’t be healed, why they can’t live their life, why they can’t listen to their Soul, why they can’t be happy, why they can’t share their gifts, why they can’t live the life that they want. 

YES life can be scary, YES change can be fearful AND YES taking ownership for what lights you up can at times feel overwhelming and unchartered but how is your life of NOT living what brings you joy working out for you right now?

FEAR = Fantasised Events Appearing Real

Fear and Ego are very good friends. Your Ego mind wants you to continuously live in the false illusion that you are less than, that people wrong you, that others are out to get you, that you are separate from the Source of All That Is and the EGO absolutely does not want you to tap into your Soul, your own inner power your own Divinity.

The Ego fears above all else death, and if we really look at what the Ego drives us all to do really it is on some level a form of death. 

It convinces us to over eat, to not go for that walk today, to stay in toxic relationships, to justify holding onto anger and staying small.

What is this GOD that the EGO is edging out?

It is the aspect of you, the big Self that is connected to All That Is, God, Source whatever you want to call it.

It is the aspect of you that knows without a doubt that you are light, that you are love, loveable, worthy and free.

It is the aspect of you that has given you the nudge to become that healer, to be that writer, to shout your voice, to sing your songs, to light up a room, to make someone laugh, to shine your light, to empower another, to teach, to heal, to create, to birth constant streams of creative ideas that come to you.

This is the voice of your Soul that lovingly and endlessly nudges you in the direction of growth that you have wanted to expense in this lifetime.

When you turn your back on being a healer, when you put away those paints, when you keep your mouth shut, when you believe that you are less than, when you hold onto pain you are in fact cutting yourself off from the flow of your Soul and of the Unconditional loving force of the Universe.

I am yet to see a healer that wasn’t born to be a healer, a singer that wasn’t born to sing, an artist that wasn’t meant to create, a spiritual teacher that wasn’t meant to teach, a writer that wasn’t meant to write and so many more.

You receive the intuitive nudge and guidance of what you could do in this life because it is what you were BORN to do.

It is a creative force that once you embrace it and allow yourself to feel the joy of it your Heart, your Mind, your Soul and your Life expands in all directions, all directions of greatness, light and expansion. 

What I know for sure is that there is no way that you could receive a creative intuitive inspiration that you weren’t meant to, it is impossible for you to conceive of anything that you do not already have the tools, skill, talents and resources to bring it to life.

So who is the driver of your life then? If you choose for it not to be Fear and your EGO then what?

Why not try this on for size, why not allow your Soul to be the driver of your life? When you are connected to your Soul, you are connected to the Sources of All That Is, you are connected to ALL, it is from this space that you have the freedom to live a life that is Heart centred, you become more in tune with nature and others around you. When you are connected to your Soul the love of the Universe flows to you and through you. When you are connected to your Soul you no longer need to hold onto the BS stories that make up who you think you are. When you are connected to your Soul you are guided to all that is for your Highest Good. When you are plugged into the Universe you are always guided to the right people, places and situations. When you listen to the voice of your Soul she will guide you to actions required to birth your creations. When you allow your Soul to be the driver of your life then with her love and strength you will feel that fear and do it anyway.

When the love of the being connected to your Soul/Souls purpose and the incredible feeling of being in the flow of life fills your Heart there are no words that can be said to ever hold you back. 

Get your journal out today and write this at the top of your page: “What would my Soul like to say to me today” Go with it, just breathe and write everything that comes to you. If you do this everyday you will begin to hear the voice of your Soul instead of the voice of your Ego. You will start to live a life in Love instead of Fear. You will begin to expect that magic will show up for you everyday and that miracles really do exist. 

In any given moment you have the power within you to choose which is the driving force of your life. Fear or Love?

It is from here that the Universe hears the song of your Soul and moves in close to revel in the brilliance of all that you are.