The Universe is seeking you to be its voice

You know every time that I think to sit down and write a blog I am immediately filled with thoughts of I don’t have anything to say and have no idea what to talk about.
Yet sit me down in front of a group of people and you would be hard pressed to shut me up because ideas and information spews forth from me like an erupting volcano.
In those moments it is easy for me because I am being of service to others and I am fully connected to the group energy and the energy of the Universe.
So I always trust that the exact right words, ideas and information that is for the highest good of the group will always come to me.
I guess in a way this is really no different as I am still working to the group energy of whomever shall read this, but it is still so much easier when you are in front of someone.
I find this to be a common belief by many people, they believe that they have nothing to say or what they do want to say will not be valued or heard by others.
It is only when our thinking mind gets in the way that we find ourselves completely mute or stuck. 
Then there is the magical moment when the Universe steps in and works through you at the perfect moment without you even having to think about it. 
I am sure that you have had plenty of moments yourself when someone has come to you with something and you have found yourself saying words to them and then afterwards you were like “wow where did that come from?”
To me it feels like this… I see the Universe as a constant source of energy that is always seeking an output, a plug so to speak.
You are the plug and when the current aligns the energy of the Universe flows through you giving way for it to express itself in the perfect way at the perfect time.
Whenever I am faced with an opportunity to be of service to someone else, where once I would have gotten in my head about OMG what is the right thing to do or say here, I instantly send a thought to the Universe “What would you have me say” or “Give me the right words” or a very simple “help”.
The key here is to then trust, be open to the feelings and thoughts that arise within you or come to you from outside of yourself and then take a breath or two and then let it come from your heart.
When words are spoken from the heart, they come from a place of pure love.
When your intention is to be of service to another or to ease another’s suffering there is a deep resounding truth that resonates through your words and touches the heart of the other on a deep soul level.
Fear is not an option here, faith that you are divinely guided in all situations will rise you above all of your doubts and self judgments and instantly place you into full alignment literally with Divine intervention.
So if it is your intention to be of service in what ever way serves your highest good, then surrendering to the love of the Universe will always guide you true.
You will know in your heart if this has occurred as it is usually common that afterwards you can’t really remember what you said.  In the moments that those words are flowing from you there is a sense within you of a profound experience occurring.
Allowing the Universe to use you as its conductor of energy feels amazing, your heart expands, you feel safe, and you know on some deep level within you that it is not from you that the words are coming from, it feels natural, it flows easily and it is full of love.
So the next time that you find yourself in a conversation with someone which by the way is never random. 
Trust that this has been beautifully manoeuvred by the energy of the Universe and in this moment it has chosen to plug into you so that its loving wisdom can flow through you to the person in need of its message.

What if just for today normal was you as you are!

I love the work of the great Maya Angelou.
I especially love this quote from her.
“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be”
Having spent a lifetime of trying to fit what others needed me to be in order to feel loved and accepted was debilitating and exhausting.
I never felt “normal” growing up and as an empath I spent most of my early years and adulthood trying to change how I was in order to make other people happy.
I believed that if I made them happy then they would love and accept me in the way that I needed.
This was so confusing for me as I often felt as though I was continuously walking a tight rope and at any given moment I could fall off into the abyss below.
This led to years of not having a clue of who I really was and I constantly felt ready to run or ready to fight.
With this also came the belief that there must be something fundamentally wrong with me, that something deep inside of me was flawed.
This was the conclusion that I came to as otherwise I would be good enough for people to love me for who I was. Right?
I would often be with a group of people and feel so totally on the outer, as though I was standing on the other side of some invisible glass wall and no matter what I said or did those who were on the inside could not see me or hear me.
I often did things that were crazy out there and pushed all of the boundaries just to see if people would even knew that I existed.
If I could warp back in time I would grab my younger self up in the biggest hug and tell her how incredibly awesome she was.
I would tell her how amazing her thought processors were in how she viewed the world for someone so young.
I would tell her that I admired and respected her values and intuitive knowing of how people deserved to be treated.
I would tell her that her ability to read other peoples thoughts and emotions were her superpower and that one day this would give her to the skills to help others who could not or did not know how to help themselves.
I would tell her that she was perfect just the way she was and that she belonged here.
I would tell her that her voice was beautiful and touched the hearts of others.
I would tell her that her crazy laugh and sense of humour was so infectious that it lifted the spirits of those around her, and give them permission to do the same.
I would tell her that her ability to laugh at herself and not care who she embarrassed herself in front of would one day give her the courage to stand in front of others and give them the courage to be themselves also.
I would tell her that her body was beautiful and that she should stand tall and proud.
I would tell her that her spiritual connection to the energy of the Universe and God was her magic wardrobe doorway into other worlds.
I would tell her that her uniqueness was what made her special.
I would tell her that there is nothing wrong with her and that as long as she loved herself no one else’s opinions would ever harm her.
My younger self had to wait more than 40 years to hear those words from her future self and I still have to remind her of that often.
Who you are is who you were born to be.
When you spend your life determining your worth based on the opinions of others, of trying to fit into the picture of “perfect” that society has determined and lets be honest ‘NO ONE” can ever achieve, you are left with the constant sense and feeling of NEVER being good enough for anyone.
What if just for today you focused all of that energy and all of that time on just being who you are now and being completely ok with that.
What if just for today you laughed when you wanted to, you jumped up and down when you wanted to, you said what was in your heart when you wanted to, you shared your views when you wanted to, you played and goofed around when you wanted to, you ate what you wanted to just for the pure joy and pleasure of it, you made daisy chains and tied them around your head, you sang at the top of your lungs, you danced like no one has ever danced before.
Just because you want to.
What if just for today you didn’t wait for someone else’s approval to just do you.
What if just for today you let everyone else worry about themselves and you just focused your love and attention on you.
What if just for today you allowed yourself to be ok just as you are.

What if just for today you said F*K you to normal and embraced every beautiful, quirky, whacky, joyful and wonderful aspect of who you are. 

Big love

Are your external relationships leaving you wanting?

I can’t help but wonder how satisfying relationships can be if there is a constant need within for validation, approval and acceptance.

It has been my own personal experience that the more that I turn my attention to the outward validation that I may be seeking the unhappier and more dissatisfied I become. 

This feeling of approval, acceptance and validation is a fundamental human desire, it is a basic human need and we continuously seek this outside of ourselves through people, experiences and things.

Have you ever experienced the desire to have a new car and for months the mission of finding the perfect car at the perfect price lights you up and fills you with excitement?

Then once you have the car for a month all of those feelings of happiness and satisfaction are gone and your car is just a car. 

This is how fleeting our attachment to external people or objects is. 

When you attach your happiness to form it can never continue to provide you with the same level of happiness.

I am sure like me most of you have experienced what you believed to be the perfect partner.  

This initially fills you with feelings of love, security, acceptance and happiness. 

Then after a few months there are behaviours or quirks of the other person that no longer continue to give you the same high that you once felt and you begin to become discouraged or confused and start wishing that it could be like it was in the beginning.

What I have observed in my own behaviour and in the experiences of so many people that I have worked with is this.

In the moment that you believe that you have found the “thing” that is going to complete you, make you feel whole, safe, loved and happy you place upon it the need for it to remain exactly as it is and to not ever change.

This in itself is impossible as we live in an ever evolving and ever changing world.  

People have their own growth to experience and in the moment that you want them never to change you are in fact taking your heart out of your chest, placing it onto a platter and presenting it to the other person for them to now forever be responsible for your happiness. 

I love my husband dearly and it has not always been an easy road for us.

At the time that I began to go through what I lovingly call my “reawakening” process I was afraid that our relationship would not survive how radically I was changing. 

When I say changing what I mean is that finally I was stepping fully into the truth of who I was meant to be and embracing all of my natural born spirituality.

I was receiving so much information from the Universe and in a sense unlearning all that I had known myself to be before.

It was in those very early days of beginning to speak what I was receiving, the connection that I was building not only with myself but with Source. 

I think it is fair to say that not many people around me were speaking my language and this only further fuelled my life long need of being accepted and loved. 

It was raw, it was thrilling, it was terrifying and it was liberating all at the same time.

What this experience taught me was that the only approval, validation, acceptance and love that I was really seeking was my own. 

My only choice was to love me for who I had been and who I was now becoming.

The relationship that I was reigniting with my Soul and the Universe was becoming so important to me that there was no other need that I felt, there was nothing material or external that could possibly fill the desires that I had previously had. 

Here was an unconditional love and support that no one else was actually capable of providing me with.

These are some of the steps that helped me help myself on my spiritual reawakening

* Through regular meditation I accessed a part of myself that I have forgotten, the soul aspect of myself 

* Meditation connected me to an unconditional love that I had never truly experienced before 

* Whenever I felt unloved, unsupported or unheard I immediately went within and asked myself how I could love myself more, support myself more and what was the voice within that I was not listening too

* Daily mirror gazing and telling the reflection of myself in the mirror how proud I was of her, how much I valued her, how much I like this new person looking back at me and how much I loved the person that I was before 

* I became brave enough to speak what was really in my heart and mind 

* I allowed myself to be truly vulnerable and that terrified the crap out of me

What happened then over the course of many months and years was this:

* The Universe placed the perfect people in my space that were ready to hear the new discoveries and truths that were unfolding for me. 

* My relationship with my friends, my children and my partner deepened.

* My need for external validation and approval reduced significantly – I say this because it occasionally arises within me but I am now fully equipped with all that tools I need to come back to centre. 

* I forgave myself and others 

* I grew in leaps and bounds both personally and spiritually.

So my beautiful friend are your external relationships leaving you wanting or a bad taste in your mouth? (If however you are at risk of harm please seek immediate assistance)

If so then I invite you to begin implementing the above strategies into your daily life.

The sooner you start building the perfect relationship with yourself first and foremost the sooner this can become a physical manifestation in your external world.


Come back to the Voice of your Heart and Your Soul

At times I find myself incredibly overwhelmed with the responsibility of being successful of being the best version of myself and in being all that I need to be for all who need for me to be “me”.

I sometimes feel that I have worked so hard to heal and self develop and yet at times I still feel like I’m walking in the dark.

I honestly feel that the crazy messaging that we are all exposed to at this powerful time of online messaging can often make us feel less than or that we aren’t doing enough to save the world and humanity or that we aren’t successful because we haven’t yet figured out what the fuck it is that we are supposed to be doing.

I find that at these times it is a clear indicator to me that my attention has wandered too far outside of myself and I am not paying attention to the internal dialogue that is going on in my head. I haven’t given myself enough time of stillness, of coming back to the present moment, I haven’t been giving myself enough love or self care and have wandered out of the flow of connection to the Heart and my Soul.

Sound Familiar?

I also find that as the planets go deeper into retrograde and we are all asked on a deeper Soul level to awaken, as we are all upgraded energetically, cosmically and spiritually that the feelings of overwhelm can arise within us even more intensely.

This may present to you as a heightened sense of anxiety, feelings of confusion or just feeling as though you are the kite that has let go of the one holding the handle and you are randomly floating out in space with no clear direction or answers as to where you may potentially hit the ground.

It is a tightness in your chest that you need to be doing something but you can’t figure out what, there is a weight pressing down on you and for the life of you, you can’t figure out what to do to lift that weight.

It is during these times that we are all called to go within to come back to our breath and to focus our attentions on being in more in the present moment.

Here are some tips to help you through these powerful times ahead.

  • Create your very own sacred space
  • Light your favourite candles 
  • Play your favourite music 
  • Place your hand on your heart 
  • Feel your feet on the ground beneath you 
  • Give thanks and appreciation for all that Mother Earth has provided you with
  • Take 10 conscious breaths – following your breath all the way into your body and all the way out of your body
  • Move your awareness into your heart centre
  • Feel and sense the light of your Soul from deep within your heart centre 
  • Visualise a cord of light moving from your heart centre down through your body, your feet and down into the heart of Mother Earth 
  • See your cord of light connecting to the heart centre of Mother Earth 
  • Sense her energy rising to meet you as it settles and connects with your heart centre 
  • Visualise a cord of light from your heart moving up through your crown chakra and reaching out into the Universe
  • Feel and sense your cord of light connecting with the Heart of the Divine/Source/God Consciousness 
  • As you connect in with the heart of the Divine feel and sense her/his energy and love flowing back down to you and connecting with your heart centre
  • See yourself wrapped in the loving arms of Mother Earth and the Divine, as above so below 
  • Breathe in these beautiful energies with your breath for a minimum of 10 minutes 
  • Take out your journal and ask heart that is now filled with the energy of the Mother Earth and the Divine what it is that you most need to hear and know at this time.

As you connect to those energies you awaken the voice of your Heart and your Soul allowing you to be intuitively guided from within at this time. 

Humble Pie

I have a story to tell about the story I told myself. 
I will admit that it is also a bit of a confession and I am feeling quite abashed as I write this. 
As you may or may not know I recently went on a holiday to Thailand.  Just before I left I purchased myself some new sound healing instruments from the USA.
Many of you may also know that my phone was left in the car that picked us up from the airport.  The hotel staff were quick to try and contact the driver to return my phone however he repeatedly stated that there was no phone in the car. 
Now I knew that this was not the case as I remembered placing it on the back seat next to me and while checking in at the hotel it was no longer with me.

So I spent some time while on my holiday being frustrated at this loss but also recognised that it was useless to allow this event to ruin my holiday.

So I accepted what had occurred and said goodbye to my phone and was able to replace this as soon as I got home. 
On my return home I realised that I had not yet received my sound healing instruments so I contacted the seller and was given the tracking number of my order.  This revealed that my package had been delivered to my local post office.
So off I went to my Post Office excited to pick up my new instruments only to be told that they had been collected by someone else while I was still away on holiday.
Further investigation into this identified that I had put the wrong PO Box number on the delivery address.

So back to the Post Office I went and they were very kind in taking the time to contact the person who had my items so that they could be returned.
They unfortunately had no luck with trying to track down the person so it was escalated to Australia Post.
Australia Post were able to get in touch with the said person who advised that they had returned my items to the sender via a mail box outside of the area that I live in.
I was told that this could take up to 3 months to get back to the sender, which was annoying as I am not the most patient person but hey, what choice did I have. 
So I went ahead and advised the sender of my mistake and told them that the items were being returned and how long this was likely to take.
The sender was kind enough to say that they would just go ahead and resend me my items however I wasn’t really comfortable with them doing so until there was some form of proof that the items had in fact been sent back as stated.
I will confess that in the midst of all of this I was seriously pissed off.

I just couldn’t understand why the person who collected an item that was not addressed to them didn’t just take the items straight back into the Post Office.
I was indigent really and pretty much got on my high horse about how the right thing to do would have been to just to take the items back in as soon as they realised they weren’t theirs.
This also triggered my feelings of injustice that this had already happened to me with my phone while away, and now it felt as though it was happening to me again.
I was starting to wonder what the lesson for me in this was and why was this happening to me. 
The sender of my items offered to keep an eye on the tracking ID of the package and I was like wow why didn’t I think of that lol

So I checked the status of the tracking item only to find that there was no change, it was still showing as delivered.

This got me to thinking well surely if they had returned the item as they had said the package would have gone back to a mail centre and then scanned to show that it was on its way back to the USA.
As any good ego mind would do I started to put the evidence together in my mind that was validating my belief that the items were not actually returned as the individual had said it had been. 
I contacted Australia Post who also agreed, and then I went to my local Post Office who also agreed that the if the items had in fact been returned there would be some form of evidence or activity with the tracking number. 
In the middle of this my husband was also speaking with the Post Office and everyone seemed to agree that the items were not returned at all.

Even the sender of my items was outraged on my behalf. 
All of this evidence was stacking up to support my case, and within that I was feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed and let down.

‘How could somebody do this to me’ was the story that my ego mind was latching on to. 
So I would swing from letting go and making peace with what had occurred to righteous outrage at having been aggrieved to thanking the Angels for returning all that rightfully belongs to me back to me.
I am embarrassed to say that I had even considered sending a letter to this person, but decided that really what was there to be achieved by doing this and thought that it would really only create more energetic conflict within myself that I did not want.
I also have to say that deep down underneath all of that indignation was the hope that maybe. just maybe, the person had returned my items and I just had to be a little patient. 
I would let it go for a week, then it would get under my skin again and I would go through the whole process of being annoyed and then letting it go while wishing the person well. 
6 weeks later I decided to accept that it was not to be and to reorder my products.

I emailed the sender and asked them to send me the invoice to repurchase my items.

The day after I did this I outlaid a sum of money for something else that I had been waiting to get for some time and thought it would be prudent to hold off on reordering my items.

It was more an internal nudge that kept telling me that I didn’t need to get them this week and I could wait another week or two to reorder.  

So I sent off yet another email to the sender and asked them if they would mind holding my request until I got back in touch with them.  Which they happily obliged.
Today I decided that I would go ahead and place my order, I emailed the seller only to receive that response that WOW guess what my items had arrived at their mail centre just the day before and he was about to email me to let me know.
I won’t lie to you, I feel like a total idiot now, this individual had told the truth and done exactly what they had said they had done.  
What I am amazed at is how everyone involved in this story each came to their own conclusions and belief which just fuelled my belief even further. 
Or maybe it was my belief that influenced everyone else around me and it was my subconscious minds way of presenting to me in my physical world the evidence of what I had decided was the truth. 
I even ignored the intuitive messages that I was getting that it was going to be returned to keep the story that I had created in my mind.
Right now I feel ashamed and embarrassed.

I will be taking myself into my Post Office Monday morning so that they can stop thinking that their customer is a big fat fibber also.

Then I will then be mailing a very big thank you card to this individual.
While I am super happy with the outcome and feel that my faith in people doing the right thing has been redeemed, it is leaving an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach at how easily I created this story for myself. 
As with any situation that we experience this one is not without its valuable lessons.
* I was getting the signs and the intuitive messages that it would be returned.
* I was able to let go of the judgments that I had decided were true. 
  1. I let go of my anger and was able to send well wishes to this person. 
  2. I was able to fully let go of the attachment to an outcome * I took full responsibility and accepted that really I was the only one that was at fault as It was I that had made the mistake and no one else. *It bought to my attention how easily we can be seduced by the ego minds need to be right. 
*I will in future be able to be more aware of the story I am telling 
  1. This situation reminded me of powerfully and instantly the story we tell creates our reality 
So I will be eating humble pie for dessert tonight and probably every night for the next month. 

The Secret to Unlocking your Unique Talents could lie in your Childhood

I have been journalling the last few weeks how grateful I am to be in a position in my life to be teaching and sharing all that I have learned in my life. 

I absolutely adore teaching Ascension Reiki and awakening the healer within. 

I love with all of my heart teaching and sharing the gift of meditation and it lights me up on so many levels to share to others my Spiritual journey and insights.

So as I was journalling all of these wonderful gratitudes last night and reaffirming my love of teaching a memory from my childhood came into my mind.

My parents were given an old wooden school desk.  

It was one of those ones that had a steel frame, had a timber seat with timber lids that lifted up and it comfortably sat two people. 

I loved this old desk and as the oldest of 5 kids I had ready made students at the whim.

The memory was of me making my sister and my brother sit at this desk out in the back yard while I would be standing out in front with a wooden ruler in hand pretending to be a teacher.

Much to their disgust I might add, but I loved the feeling of pretending to be a teacher.

Another memory has just come to mind as I am writing this.

A memory of my sister and I making chocolate cakes. (we loved chocolate cake)

I would be making the cakes, but as I was making them I would pretend that I was on TV and I would explain each step of the process as though teaching someone how to make a cake.

Admittedly most of the batter would be eaten before the cake even made it into the oven so our cake would only be a few centimetres high. lol

Interestingly though, as much as I loved to pretend to be a teacher I hated school.

I struggled to understand what was being taught to me and I always felt that I was dumb compared to all of the other kids around me.

School to me was a scary place, the teachers scared me – back then they yelled a lot and readily handed out physical discipline and no one really seemed to take the time to explain or break down things for me in a way that would make sense.

So learning and school became a place of constant stress and anxiety. Learning was not fun in any way for me.

What I can see now is that this inspired within me a deep desire and need to ensure that whenever I was speaking with someone or in a situation that required me to pass on information, that this was done in a way that could be easily understood.

I became adapt at reading whether or not what I was conveying was being received fully.

So whenever I picked up that it wasn’t making sense to the other I changed my language and my delivery patiently until they got it.

What was also revealed to me in my journalling was the thread and remembrance that in every job that I have ever had there also arose in each one an opportunity for me to train, teach or support staff.

These opportunities just seemed to be natural progressions for me.

I was blessed to have an amazing Team Leader in one of my jobs that saw a potential in me that I hadn’t acknowledged.

I have always loved helping people and was always ready to share information and help out my fellow team members whenever they needed assistance.

It was this quality that she saw in me that prompted her to encouraged me to apply to become a trainer.

It was more than encouraging really, she actually hassled me every day for my application until I finally overcame my fear and gave in.

This led to an opportunity to train a new intake of staff, 6 weeks of intense training followed by ongoing support.

I won’t lie, I actually said no, I came up with all of the reasons why I couldn’t or why I wasn’t ready but she didn’t give up.  Eventually thanks to her persistence I agreed to take the opportunity.

I am so very grateful for her persistence and her belief in me as it was through this opportunity that I discovered my love and passion of training.

I can see now that my negative experiences at school awakened within me the desire to learn how to teach in a way that meets the needs of everyones learning styles.

To communicate and teach from a place of respect, patience and understanding.

I cannot believe that it has taken until now for me to see this consistent thread throughout my life.

I have finally fulfilled my childhood role playing of being a teacher and have come full circle.

My greatest joy in my life right now is teaching, it lights up my Soul and it makes my Heart sing.

I truly believe that we come into this life already complete with our own unique gifts and talents.

What were your childhood dreams, role-playing and imaginings?

Can you also see a thread of this playing out throughout your life?

This is where the magic lies my friends, it is in your childhood that the secret of your unique talents could be waiting for you to uncover, acknowledge and embrace.

The Power of Appreciating Nature

I find it interesting that we are often given the intuitive nudge to be somewhere or to do something that our bodies and our hearts need. 
I have really been feeling the pull lately to get out in nature and be by the water and I am so blessed that I am lucky enough to live by the sea. 
So I followed this pull and went for a walk along the beach.
I felt deep in my heart that this was a time that I needed to move my body and an opportunity to fully appreciate Mother Earth in all her beauty.
Whenever I am by the sea or out in nature it allows my heart to open and my consciousness to expand.
Lets talk about the power of appreciating nature. 
It is in my appreciating of the beauty around me that I find myself more in alignment with the Divine.  
In these moments it feels as though my crown chakra opens and the stream of Divine love and insight pours into every fibre of my Being. 
I am constantly in awe of the ocean, the power of the waves, the beauty of the contrasting colours, the clouds in the sky and the feel of the sand/earth beneath my feet.
As I am walking along with the energy of the divine flowing through me and gazing at all of the beauty that the Great Mother has to offer me that I let go of all resistance, all worry, all concerns and plans for the future and just allow myself to be fully present in this moment. 
As I walk I thank our great Mother for her support and grounding beneath my feet, I thank her for the salt air that touches my skin and moves into my body through my breath, I thank her for the contrasting of the darkness of the clouds and the light of the sun, I thank her for the sound of her constant ebb and flow of the waves, I thank her for the gift of the life all around me and I allow my awareness to shift to that of the Divine and that of the Great Mother simultaneously.
Sometimes I feel so small as I stand here held within the arms of the Divine and that of the Mother Earth.  
I feel tiny and minuscule in their presence for I am just a spec of life on this giant planet orbiting throughout an incomprehensible vastness of this mighty cosmos. 
In my sense of feeling small I have often wondered in my life does the Divine see me, hear me or even know that I exist. 
In all of the life that must exist throughout the Universe how could the Divine even possibly be aware of me, this tiny spec that compared to the universe would not even amount to the smallest molecule. 
What I have discovered is YES the Divine not only knows me intimately, it knows exactly where I am in any given moment, it knows what I am feeling and it knows where I have been and where I am going to. 
How do I know this? 
I know this because in the moments that I appreciate the beauty of this life I am instantly transmitting an invitation signal for the Divine to join in this experience with me.
The most profound and uplifting experiences of Divine connection have occurred within me through a state of appreciation and wonder. 
We seek so continuously a way to enlightenment, through study, reading, gurus and so much more.  Always searching always seeking. 
Yet all you need do is appreciate the natural beauty of this life and it will come open armed to you.
There can be no thought of yesterday, today or tomorrow when you appreciate the magical wonder of this life. 
As I sit appreciating the wonder of our Great Mother she responds with the changing colour of the waters, the sun shining through a gap in the clouds and birds singing acknowledging my love and returning it to me.
As I sit with the love of the Divine flowing through me and the love of Mother Earth beneath me I am in that moment held as a child of both. 
It is here that I know in my heart that the Divine does indeed know that I am here and I no longer feel so small.

What is the purpose of Heartbreak?

Most of us have been in that situation where we have had the make the painful decision to end a relationship, or it was ended by the other person.

There are months or even years of
heartbreak and pain in trying to make something work that is clearly not filling
you with support, love and friendship.

Years of perhaps trying to change who you are in order for the other person to treat you the way that you deserve and wish to be treated.
Years of trying to change another in order for you to feel safe and loved.
Years of probably thinking why don’t they love me enough to treat me the right way. 
Perhaps the other has betrayed your trust in some way and they are the ones who have ended the relationship.
Or over time you just fell out of love with this person, you may have grown and changed and they have remained the same.

We are often left with feelings of guilt, betrayal, hurt and a sense at having failed in some huge way, and confused as to where it all went wrong.

Amidst the pain there is a sense of
shame that leads to the belief that something must be wrong with you and that
must be the reason why the relationship did not work. 

In that moment your heart is broken and your world is shattered, and then there is the added embarrassment of having to reveal this to the world around you.
In some cases you may be fully supported, in others you may be judged and criticised.

What I find most surprising is that the ones that you thought would be there for you are often the ones that disappear and are nowhere to be seen. 
This only leads to further feelings of pain and heart break and grief.

Pain of losing something comes in so many different forms, the loss of a job, the loss of a pet, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a relationship, receiving a medical diagnosis that changes your world, or the loss of a loved one.

All of these situations are painful,
they are fearful and they are heartbreaking to say the least. 

So, what is the purpose of
experiencing pain, what is the purpose of heartbreak, what is it that this
really achieves?

What I have come to know through my experiences of heartbreak at relationship losses, of family fallouts, of friendship breakdowns, and of the loss of loved ones, all seems to have an underlying flavour and theme.

These situations have occurred in my
life to crack open my heart, to fill me with a deeper sense of awareness of the
Universe and for me to grow on so many levels.

Co dependant and abusive
relationships have taught me these invaluable lessons: 

I have a strength within me that I did not know was there
I am capable of living my life for myself without needing the permission of another to be myself 
I discovered who I was, who I wanted to be and what mattered to me in my life 
I became an independent individual capable of making my own life decisions 
I learned to love me for who I am and to no longer take on the beliefs of another 
I developed deep self worth and deep self love for all of me 
I recognised that I am worthy, valuable and beautiful 
I learned to celebrate my quirkiness and my weirdness 
I reconnected to my own unique spiritual gifts
I learned to provide myself with all that I could ever need from another 
I learned that all I need to change is how I feel about myself and the world around me and life will meet me there 
Happiness is an inside job, it cannot be obtained from any person, thing or place
I am worthy, I am valuable, I am whole and complete just as I am.

The loss and heartbreak of losing a
loved ones has taught me these invaluable lessons:

The first loss that I experienced led to some serious questioning of why we are even here and what is the purpose of our existence which ignited my 30 year spiritual quest.
This catapulted me into the realms of all things Universal, Spirit and consciousness.
I discovered and connected with my higher power along with my Soul.
I gained the understanding that all life is precious.
Love is the answer to all, it is our natural state of Being.
What we think is important now can be gone tomorrow so make the most of what you have and are today.
Our existence continues long after we leave this physical plane.
We are all connected.
There is more to this life than meets the eye.
Life wants to support us.
This world is filled with beauty should we choose to see this.
We are powerful beyond measure.
Grief and loss is often the greatest catalyst to awakening and deep spiritual enlightenment. 

In every painful experience there is a beautiful gift, a hidden jewel just waiting for you to discover. 

To get to this hidden Jewel we must
first allow ourselves to feel the fullness of the emotions that are arising as
painful as they may be. 

It is this pain that breaks the
chains of your heart and this allows your Souls light to shine through. 

Every situation is happening for you, not against you.  
They are golden opportunities for your Souls growth and your hearts expansion. 
In an instant what you thought was important can drop away and in its place the real value of your life is revealed to you. 
Your priorities change and simplicity becomes a must, relationships deepen, and you no longer take your life for granted.

As your Soul shines through you are able to then glean all of the learnings of these painful lessons.
Lessons such as recognising your own worth, redefining your boundaries, discovering your ideal relationship or committing to living a more fulfilling life. 
Sometimes it is as simple as recognising that love is more important than any material object or achievement.

As I look back over my life and all
of the traumatic, painful and heartbreaking situations that I have been through
not one of them has been for nothing. 

Every one of them has been the
springboard for higher learning, greater personal growth and a deep far
reaching connection to the love of the Universe and those around me. 

You are no longer the same person
that you were before you went through this pain and suffering. 

Take time to acknowledge how far you
have come, how much you have grown and how significantly you have changed as a

Seek the jewels and they will be
revealed to you and as you discover them your healing and growth will be integrated
into your Heart and your Soul. 

The Eternal Soul

I have come to know and realise that there are very few things in this life that we can be sure of.
Death is the one surety that we have in this life along with birth, and as many would say taxes is another. 
But what does death really mean? 
Our lives are constantly surrounded by views of death, it is an ending of one thing and a beginning of another. 
For example, when summer comes to an end it makes way for the birthing of Autumn. 
When Autumn comes to an end it makes way for Spring. 
When Spring comes to an end it makes way for Summer. 
We see this in the Earth around us.
A life cycle shows how a living thing grows and changes. While plants life cycles keep going, a plant’s life begins with the seed. With water, right temperature and right location, the seed grows. It becomes a seedling. Roots push down into the ground to get water and minerals.  The stem reaches for the sun, and leaves begin to unfold. A bud appears. 
The plants then produce flowers. The flowers are then pollinated in many ways – by bees, moths, butterflies, insects, moths, bats, butterflies and even by the wind. 
The pollinated flower turns into fruit. The new seeds are inside the fruit.  The ripe fruit drops to the ground and the cycle begins again.
When we plant foods to eat and they are not picked they go to seed once again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We see the trees and flowers come to life in spring to then die or become dormant in Autumn to then come to life again in spring.
Again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We do this regularly ourselves throughout our lives.
A relationship ends and makes way for new more fulfilling relationships.
We let go of habits, people and situations that no longer serve us and this too makes way for a rebirthing of who we are to become.
People come into our lives to fulfil a purpose then leave our life, making way for the new to be birthed.
We ourselves continually change and grow, we outgrow old beliefs making way for new beliefs to be birthed that reflect who we are now.
In some traditions it is believed that the human spirit or Soul is born into this life and once you leave the human body you are immediately reborn to then continue the cycle of life. 
In others it is believed that once you no longer have a need for this human body you move into Spirit and journey to heaven or the Spirit Realms where you then have the choice to continue the human life experience for your Souls expansion and evolution. 
There is also another school of thought that suggests that you can be living many lives in many dimensions and realities simultaneously.
I have been working with Spirit for near on 30 years now and it has been my direct and personal experience that the essence of who we are continues on long after the human body has been released. 
Why is it then that so many fear the idea of death if you are going to continue on as a Soul within this magnificent Universe?
The essence of you is the you beyond your thoughts, it is the you beyond your emotions, it is the you beyond your physical body. 
There is an essence within you that transcends all of the day to day trials and tribulations that you experience in the here and now. 
An essence that has ultimately experienced many lifetimes and it is this core essence that has no fear of life or of death. 
So what really is the fear?
Is it the fear of the unknown for what lies beyond our physical senses? 
Is it the fear of not having lived life to the fullest? 
Is it the fear of retribution?
Very old school now but so many people do fear the judgement that they believe will be waiting them on the other side. 
Often it is the fear of the finality of death, not being able to see or be with loved ones here in the physical realm. 
As a Medium, I have regularly been visited by my loved ones and friends who have moved from this existence into the next.
They come still with aspects of their personality that they had in this life but they are now filled with an energy of light, of unconditional love and joy at where they are now existing. 
They also come with such deep compassion, complete understanding of who you are and absolutely no judgement. 
I recently had the experience of a loved one passing on from this life. 
It was the evening of their passing and as I was settling into bed to drift off to sleep, I felt their presence in my room, as soon as I acknowledged this presence I was completely surrounded and filled with the sense of joy, of freedom, and of complete and utter happiness. 
This was this persons Soul communing with me, and of course I had asked if they were ok, and the sensations and feelings that filled me were of all of the above. 
There was no regret, there was no sadness there was just complete ecstasy, joy and love.
What also lifted me was the expansiveness of how they felt, not just a single entity but a Being that is free to be where ever they choose to be and the total wonder of absolute oneness with all. 
I felt in that moment that they were not just with me but with everyone that they loved simultaneously, and had the profound sense that they were surrounding each and every person with this same energy. 
It was their way of providing comfort and support to all who were grieving as well as providing beautiful healing light to all. 
It was the joy that really got me though, it was so amazing that I wanted to stay suspended within that. 
It was not the fleeting joy that many of us experience as usually this is attached to external objects or conditions.  
This was simply pure joy at just being, of being at one with all, of being free, of being full stop. 
In all of my interactions with Spirit the message is always the same. 
Love is all there is 
We are all one 
We continue to be
Live your life now 
The worries that we fill our lives up with do not serve us 
At the end of the day, the grievances that we hold today cease to exist in death.
This life is all about learning and experiencing.
We are here to create to experience joy and to remember who we are.
Death is not the end but the beginning of complete living.
Our loved ones continue to love us, they surround us and they walk with us.
The people who you interact with in this life are your Soul family – Souls who have agreed to play their part in your life and you in theirs.
In death you are all beloved friends.
At the moment of death you are surrounded by all who have gone before you.
In the moment of death your rebirth is celebrated and all who love you joyfully await your arrival.
The most empowering message however is that we do not need to wait until death of the human form to experience what is available to us in Soul form. 
This is part of the human journey, to recognise this, to know this and to live this. 
When you go within there is a place deep within you where a quiet ocean of stillness exists. 
This is the true essence of who you are. 
It is here that you journey below the crazy constant chatter of the mind. 
It is here that you drop beneath the overwhelm of emotions. 
And it is here that true peace can be found. 
When we access the stillness within us we are freed from all external binds that hold us on a continuous merry go round of emotion and thought. 
It is in this freedom that you experience the full wonderment of connection, unity and joy.
It is here that the death of the ego occurs making way for full conscious awareness to arise.
It is here that you reunite to the Soul aspect of yourself, the essence of you that is connected to all. 
At the end of the day when we have outgrown the need for this human form and have completed all that we have come to do we simply shift from one form of consciousness to another. 
Continuing yet another cycle of death and rebirth. 
Are you brave enough to fully live your life? 
A question that I often ask myself is “How much will I regret not doing this thing that I want to do?”
Do I want to be meeting with death and wishing that I had done so much more? 
The answer to that for me is no. 
Do I want to waste my precious time reliving the past? A past that I have no way of changing.  
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to spend my precious time worrying about a future that may never arrive?
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to be spending my precious time wishing desperately that I was somewhere else?
The answer to that is no. 
Do I want to be wasting my precious energy on people and places that do not serve me?
The answer to that is no 
What I do want to do with my precious time here on earth is love as deeply as I can. 
I aim to accept all of who I am
I aim to revel in all of the beauty that this life offers to me.
I aim to connect daily to that deeper essence within so that fear may be a stranger in my heart and my life.
I aim to be joyful in all that I am and all that I do.
I seek the stillness in the world around me, a realm beyond the chaos.
I seek to express what arises within me.
I seek to let go of what my mind would have me hold strongly.
I seek the essence within you that is the same essence within me. 
May you live your life to the fullest and know that even if you don’t, that’s still ok. 
You have an eternity to do all that you wish to do, so go easy on yourself. 
Big Love 

My Eat Pray Love Journey

If you haven’t already read Liz’s Eat, Pray Love I highly recommend doing so. 

Maybe you have already watched the movie. 

For me I am an avid book reader, and even more so I love to listen to the author retell their own story. 

I find that this connects me on such a deeper level to the energy and the emotion behind their story. 

What stood out for me most when I read this beautifully moving book was how much of her story that I resonated with on such an incredibly deep and personal level. 

I too had gone through divorce, and the lead up to finally making this decision was incredibly painful to me. 

I felt as though I had failed not only myself but my family, and there was unexpected fall out in my decision that plunged me into a terrible depression. 

Unfortunately at that time in my life I turned my back on my already much travelled spiritual journey and I became angry with the world.

It was this turning my back on my spirituality, my connection to Source and my guides that had me journey a 10 year path of anxiety, depression and stress. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were some amazing moments during this time as well, but most of it was overshadowed by a deep unhappiness that no matter what I did or how I tried to numb this nothing really seemed to lift me out of the where I was at. 

It wasn’t until late 2015 that I knew deep in my heart that I could no longer continue to live the life that I was living. 

I had started to talk to the Universe again, actually I was daily begging Source to somehow help me and to save me from myself. 

There were a series of intense events that occurred in my life at that time over several months, it was as though the Universe had stacked up all of the Dominos and was patiently waiting for the right moment that it could push the first one. 

I was gently guided to meditation and was strongly guided to commence a daily meditation practice and this was amazing to me as it really started the opening up of my heart process and cracking open the door of the Universe. 

This to me felt as though this was perhaps the first domino that had begun to fall. Of course it wasn’t until a few months later that I was able to really see that as a truth I was completely oblivious to what was about to occur as I was fully in survival mode only at that time. 

It often amazes me but really shouldn’t surprise me that it is largely heartbreak that will crack you wide open for the real shift and change to take place. 

And it was through this experience that I found myself on my knees to God/Source begging for help, begging to be saved from myself and begging to be shown the way forward. 

This was the beginning of my incredible reawakening and it happened fast, once the dominos fell and I surrendered to the process the acceleration of my awakening, my healing, reconnecting to my Soul, reconnecting to the unconditional love of the Universe, speaking once more to God was on a fast train one way trajectory that no one and nothing could stand in the way of. 

The last five years of my life has been my complete focused intention of finding God/Source, of finding myself and of course discovering my purpose in this life. 

There have been moments of such exquisite expansion, complete out of body experience, a sense of complete unity and oneness that utterly took my breath away, it was such an incredible moment that I wondered how on earth I possibly I could fit back into my human body. 

Synchronistic events and moments that have blown me away and filled me with joy. 

In surrendering to all of this, I often have to pinch myself for all that has occurred in my life over the last 5 years. 

It literally feels to me that until that moment I had been completely asleep and only then did I wake up to this life. 

In all honesty there was an aspect of myself that until that moment hadn’t really decided to truly live or be here. 

My life is now filled with love, with compassion, with healthy fulfilling relationships and I thank God/Source with all of my heart everyday for saving me from myself and opening my eyes and heart.

So it is truly an honour that I will be getting to be in the same space as Elizabeth Gilbert where she will be sharing her personal journey, her insights and her spiritual teachings with us all. 

The Ultimate Girls Week Away is a week of spiritual teachings, of connecting to like minded beautiful women all on their own journey who are also seeking their own inner wisdom, a spiritual connection and a chance to nurture yourself. 

Are you ready to have your very own Eat Pray Love adventure? 

There is not a moment that I would change and it is a journey that I am blessed to still be living and breathing everyday.

I invite you to allow myself, Liz and 29 incredible facilitators to hold space for you to have your own experience of self discovery.

Yes I know, Liz, Lizzy, THE Elizabeth Gilbert, it is going to take all of my willpower not to gush and be all fan like. 

It is going to be so hard to stay cool in her presence. 

I’ll probably snort and laugh hysterically lol 

You can hold your place now for only $50 and pay as you go and you will find this under the registration tab on the website. 

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Big Magic and Love,