My tips on how to calm your anxiety when it sneaks up on you!

Anxiety can at times feel like a well worn glove that you have fully climbed back into before you are even aware of it. It can start with a churning in your belly, then a tightening in your chest as your throat begins to feel constricted. Often we go into fear of the anxiety and try on some level to outrun it. To get as far away from the uncomfortable

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Your Guardian Angels are by your side

Throughout my life I have always felt that there was a presence around me. An energy of love that would wrap itself around me whenever I was feeling afraid, confused, overwhelmed and lost. It wasn’t until I started a development class in my early 20’s though that I first was introduced to the concept of a Guardian Angel. This was a Being that I was taught walked my life with

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Ode to Source

There is a sadness that prevails throughout my whole Being and it reminds me that I am at times lost without you.  Your arms hold me when I feel that I am less than.Your heart surrounds me when I feel that I am not enough. Your light shines brightly for me when I feel that I cannot find my way through the darkness. A thousand thoughts of what I can do to be

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In this video I discuss what I am grateful for but also how to be grateful without being conditional. Unconditional gratitude is the highest vibrational frequency that you can align yourself to.

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Taking back your power and cutting the cords of attachment

Do you often wake up in the morning feeling great and then before your feet have even touched the ground you are already weighing yourself down with memories of your past. It is as though your bedroom becomes filled with all of the people and situations from your past that have ever caused you hurt and pain. Aren’t you tired of starting your day carrying all of those people from

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How to successfully implement intentions and goals into your life

How many times have you started out your new year with the promise to yourself that this is the year that you are going to do all of those “things” that you know are good for you. You know those things such as implementing daily spiritual practices, meditation, journalling, exercising, healthy eating, self development, being kinder to yourself and the list goes on. I have often felt like that crazy

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Clutter and Energy

Let’s talk about clutter and energy. It makes sense that when your house is clean it allows energetically for more to flow into your life. This is because It creates space in your life, your house is your outer reflection of what is going on in your mind internally. When you clean there is a significant shift, it’s like you’re reorganising things in your mind. As you’re decluttering and as

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