The Power of Appreciating Nature

I find it interesting that we are often given the intuitive nudge to be somewhere or to do something that our bodies and our hearts need.  I have really been feeling the pull lately to get out in nature and be by the water and I am so blessed that I am lucky enough to live by the sea.  So I followed this pull and went for a walk along the beach. I

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What is the purpose of Heartbreak?

Most of us have been in that situation where we have had the make the painful decision to end a relationship, or it was ended by the other person. There are months or even years of heartbreak and pain in trying to make something work that is clearly not filling you with support, love and friendship. Years of perhaps trying to change who you are in order for the other

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The Eternal Soul

I have come to know and realise that there are very few things in this life that we can be sure of. Death is the one surety that we have in this life along with birth, and as many would say taxes is another.  But what does death really mean?  Our lives are constantly surrounded by views of death, it is an ending of one thing and a beginning of another.  For example, when

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My Eat Pray Love Journey

If you haven’t already read Liz’s Eat, Pray Love I highly recommend doing so.  Maybe you have already watched the movie.  For me I am an avid book reader, and even more so I love to listen to the author retell their own story.  I find that this connects me on such a deeper level to the energy and the emotion behind their story.  What stood out for me most

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The Rising of Mumma Bear

When it comes to the love and safety of your cubs nothing else matters. There is nothing more powerful than the primal rising of the Mumma Bear. When Mumma Bear kicks in all rationality flies out the window, all your spiritual tools once activated and tapped into fall away in the path of Mumma Bear. In its place rises the warrior, although she may feel helpless and just a tad fearful she is

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My tips on how to calm your anxiety when it sneaks up on you!

Anxiety can at times feel like a well worn glove that you have fully climbed back into before you are even aware of it. It can start with a churning in your belly, then a tightening in your chest as your throat begins to feel constricted. Often we go into fear of the anxiety and try on some level to outrun it. To get as far away from the uncomfortable

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Your Guardian Angels are by your side

Throughout my life I have always felt that there was a presence around me. An energy of love that would wrap itself around me whenever I was feeling afraid, confused, overwhelmed and lost. It wasn’t until I started a development class in my early 20’s though that I first was introduced to the concept of a Guardian Angel. This was a Being that I was taught walked my life with

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Ode to Source

There is a sadness that prevails throughout my whole Being and it reminds me that I am at times lost without you.  Your arms hold me when I feel that I am less than.Your heart surrounds me when I feel that I am not enough. Your light shines brightly for me when I feel that I cannot find my way through the darkness. A thousand thoughts of what I can do to be

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