Being an Empath can be your superpower

Being an Empath can be your superpower

How I turned being an Empath into my super power

Empath is a word that is widely used now within the 21st century. Every second post that you read on Facey will have either be about an Empath or 5 ways to know that you are an Empath.

While this may seem to be a very new concept within the world of language it is not something that we are unfamiliar with. Mother’s are very aware that their babies react to their moods, if mum is upset the kids are upset, if mum is happy the kids are happy, this would surely be due to the fact that babies are very good at reading energy and the emotions of everyone around them. 

In fact if you get the chance to anytime soon watch how a baby watches the world around it, you may notice that they tend to gaze above your head rather than looking directly at you, I experienced this with my own babies and funnily enough, my cats now do the same thing.

What is it that they are looking at? They are looking at your Aura, your energy field that surrounds your whole psychical body, it is from here that they can determine perhaps what is going on with you. If you think of your Aura as being colour and let’s connect this to Love, most of us would agree that the colour of Love would be a soft shade of pink with perhaps subtle differences of shades. Let’s now think about anger, when you think about the energy of anger what colour comes to mind for you? For me, I see very dark red and black as the colours of anger. So babies can not only see those colours as they are shifting and changing within our energy fields they can also feel exactly what it is that we are feeling, babies are pure energetic beings, they have not learned how to be any other way yet, they unlearn their natural abilities the longer that they are around all of us “grown ups”. So whether or not you are consciously aware of it you came into this world a natural Empath and a highly sensitive intuitive Being of pure love.

Some of you have perhaps lost your awareness of this natural ability as you plunged deeply into your Human experience. Many of us, however, have maintained this natural ability right throughout our lives and while we not have been consciously aware of what was happening we have certainly been impacted greatly throughout our lives by this ability.

For as long as I can remember I have always been able to feel what others felt although I did not realise at the time that this was what I was happening. As a result of having this awareness, I became a professional people pleaser, as I would come close to someone who was unhappy, angry, sad or whatever emotion that they were feeling I would instantly think that I must have done something to cause the pain that was within them. This is the very essence of a people pleaser who is an Empath, all of your energy goes into trying to make the other person feel happy so that you can feel ok. Granted we’re are not aware that this is what we are doing we just know that we need to do whatever it takes to make the people around us feel good so that we can feel safe and loved.

Not my drama, not my monkey, is a saying and a state of being that I did not learn the benefit of until I was well into my 30’s. So yes, by my 30’s, I was well and truly a professional people pleaser.

A huge awakening for me in this was recognising that all that my people pleasing was doing was trying to control how everyone around me was feeling in order for myself to be ok. I have learned now that if I focus my attention now on my own wellbeing, my own happiness, and my own energy then I am not as impacted now by others around me, and in those moments when I am I now make a point of turning my energetic gaze inward to myself and trust that all that the other beautiful soul needs will be provided to them. I have learned to embrace being an Empath and I no longer see this as a curse by any means in my life. I now recognise this as my gift in my life as a Highly Intuitive person, a Medium and a Healer.

Being an Empath now supports me in being able to pick up on what is really going on with a client. It means now that I know instantly when something is not working or when they have a huge shift.  It means now that when I am doing a reading I know internally exactly who this individual is inside and out. It means as a healer, I know precisely where in a persons life that they are out of alignment. As you can see this ability comes in very handy and is the reason why I can do my work as well as what I do.

Being an Empath is now my super power.

My advice to you if you answer yes to the questions below is to “Know Thyself”. There is a reason that you see this saying so much in all of the Spiritual Texts. The more that you know yourself the more easily it is for you to determine if what you are feeling is yours or the world around you.

Meditation plays two vital roles for me as an Empath, firstly I understand myself on a much deeper level and have a lot more Empathy, compassion and love for myself, therefore when I am encountering another energy I can recognise it and say “Thankyou for releasing all that does not belong to me”

Secondly – As an Empath, it is easy to become drained when in the presence of others, so taking a few moments to go within, to focus on your breath helps you to reenergise and get grounded really quickly. This allows me the freedom to be an Empath and to use this to my benefit in a healthy way.

Learning to say no with love and without the fear of rejection has definitely helped me turn the corner as a people pleaser.  Getting out in Nature or even just taking 5 minutes outside to breathe fresh air is incredibly empowering to an Empath.  Taking time to recharge by having scheduled “alone” time is vitally important. Take 10 deep conscious breaths before reaching for the food or ciggie that you perhaps use to numb your emotions. Have a cleansing bath once a week of Epsom salts, Bicarb soda and lavender oil to cleanse and release all of that picked up energy.

Here is a quick quiz courtesy of the fabulous Judith Orloff MD to see if you are an Empath…

Ask yourself:

Have I been labeled as “too emotional” or overly sensitive? If a friend is distraught, do I start feeling it too? Are my feelings easily hurt?

Am I emotionally drained by crowds, require time alone to revive?

Do my nerves get jarred by noise, smells, or excessive talk?

Do I prefer taking my own car places so that I can leave when I please?

Do I overeat to cope with emotional stress?

Am I afraid of becoming engulfed by intimate relationships?

If you answer “yes” to 1-3 of these questions, you’re at least part empath. Responding “yes” to more than 3 indicates that you’ve found your emotional type. Recognising that you’re an empath is the first step in taking charge of your emotions instead of constantly drowning in them.

Staying on top of empathy will improve your self-care and relationships. So, if this has resonated with you on a deep level and you have recognised yourself within these words then perhaps begin implementing some of the strategies that have helped me learn to be a proactive Empath rather than being at the effect of this ability.




How understanding Law of Attraction changed my life

How understanding Law of Attraction changed my life

How understanding Law of Attraction has changed my life.

I honestly believe that on an energetic level we all have an understanding of Law of Attraction. It is a knowing that we are born with, an innate wisdom, a superpower, and a tool that we are gifted with coming into this human life.

As with all of our natural abilities and talents that we bring into life with us they are conditioned out of us before we really even have a chance to put our superpowers into practice.

I remember back in the day when I was a kid and there was no such thing as the internet or mobile phones. We had the old fashioned dial phones, so I would sit on the floor in front of the phone and visualise the person that I wanted to speak to. I would visualise them picking up their phone and calling me, I would then visualise myself picking up the phone and the two of us speaking. Usually within 5 minutes the phone would call and it would be exactly who I wanted to speak to. Of course, I thought that this was a pretty awesome super power to have and while I have the knowledge of this ability I really didn’t put it into practice actively or consciously in my life. Perhaps you can even relate also to feeling some form of power within you as a child but and just not knowing what it was.

That is to say that I have always had the belief within me that I can create what I want in my life, I just haven’t understood how to harness this intentionally.  It’s always been a little like playing the lotto sometimes you win sometimes you don’t.

In 2006 I read a little book called the Secret and watched the movie that went along with it. I will never forget one day my daughter had to be in Melbourne for a choir day, back then we didn’t have a lot of money and we hadn’t put petrol in the car, so I put the Secret practices into place, I was able to manifest random money that I didn’t know that I had, and all the way to Melbourne there was not a single car or traffic on the road because I just visualised a clear flow all of the way. I felt completely and powerfully in the flow of the Universe throughout this time, needless to say it was so unbelievable that my hubby turned to me with a fearful look on his face and said “What the hell is going on” too cause this triggered within me up an ancient fear of my own “power” and so I stopped actively using it. (This in itself is a whole other story).

I lovingly call 2014 my period of re awakening, a time when I stepped out of my self imposed darkness and into the service of the Universe. From that moment until now I feel as though the Universe has taken me on a huge crash course to bringing me up to speed with where I should be in my life. Reconnecting with and understanding the energy of Law Of Attraction has been an instrumental part of this journey.

During this time I was guided to Esther Hicks in 2014, if you don’t know her she is an amazing Human Being who channels a collective consciousness that calls themselves Abraham. I literally stumbled across Esther’s work on YouTube and I was instantly hooked. Her words and the way that she explained Law of Attraction awakened that long forgotten knowing within me.

Here are some examples of how I have put LOA into place in my life since then…

I decided that I was going to visit my sister in Canada, so my story that I told everyone was that I was going to visit her in that year, the story that I was telling myself or the Universe was, Universe I am going to visit my sister and I have no idea how I am going to manage this I just know that I am going.

Needless to say I bought my tickets, then kept up with my mantra, thanks Universe I am so excited to be visiting my sister not sure how anything else is going to happen but I know that you have got this sorted. Happily, all of the funds that I needed to go and visit my sister appeared for me and I was able to go and have one of the most amazing times of my life.

Also in 2014, while searching the internet I stumbled over a place in the UK called Arthur Findlay College. This is a college purely for the study of Psychic Science and Mediumship. Of course, my first reaction when I saw this was “yeah right as if I could ever go there” Then stated “Ok Universe if I am meant to go here, then I know that you will make it happen for me” Not really believing that the opportunity would arise but ever hopeful that somehow it would one day happen.

Unbelievably through a series of events by the December of 2014 this became a very real reality for me. I met a woman at a fete who was telling me all about this place called Arthur Findlay college and low and behold she was going, I thanked the Universe for the time when I would too be able to do this and then let it go. A few months later I caught up with a friend of mine who also mentioned that she too was going, and going on the same trip as the woman that I had recently met, we talked about how awesome if would be if I were going, and again I said thank you to Universe, and it went something like this “Thank you Universe, I have no idea how, I just know that one day I will go here and thank you for making it happen for me” In December of that year the woman that I had met previously advised me that there was a cancellation within the tour and that I should consider going. Again, I had no idea how on earth I would be able to manifest not only the funds, but also the time off from work as well as the support of my family to do this. Luckily for me, I had a session with a beautiful coach who really helped me to identify exactly how I would feel with and without the outcome that I was wanting, she helped me to get really clear on how important it was for me and to identify that it really didn’t need to happen right now, it could actually happen the following year with more time for planning.

As I left the session I felt completely free of my attachment of going on this trip, I thanked the Universe for bringing it to me, again I said, “I have no idea how, I just know that I will when the time is right and thank you for making it happen for me”

That evening when my hubby got home from work, he uttered the most amazing words to me “Ok let’s work out how we can make this happen” and YES you guessed right the following July I was on a plane to the UK. I have many more stories just like those that have happened for me and continue to happen for me.

There are important fundamental keys in understanding and playing with Law of Attraction.

  • The Universe loves you and wants you to have everything that you ask for.
  • The Universe does not understand the word no, no thanks, don’t, won’t can’t, etc.
  • The moment that you ask for something the Universe is already making it happen for you.
  • Everything is energy.
  • How you feel about a subject 100% effects the outcome. eg: I felt deep within my soul that somehow what I wanted would happen and that’s all I focused on.
  • Your beliefs about your outcome 100% create your outcome. If you are asking the Universe for what you want, and you don’t really believe that it can happen, or you are instead focusing on the lack of it, then what you are wanting cannot be received by you. When you let what you want go, see it, feel it, hear it, know it to be so with every fibre of your being and then let it go it 100% occurs for you and usually a lot sooner than you had anticipated.
  • Keep your vibrations high enough to match the frequency of the fabulousness that you are wanting to bring into your life
  • Feel deep appreciation for all that you already have in your life right now – this sends the signal out into the world that you abundant.
  • Trust that you are worthy of receiving all that you are asking for.
  • Say Thank you to the Universe as though it has already happened.

This is what I know to for sure:

  • In any given moment in any given aspect of our lives we are only ever limited by our own beliefs.
  • There is no source outside of ourselves that is preventing us from having what we want in life, it all comes from within.
  • How we feel and how we think is the driving force behind everything that shows up in our life.
  • The story that you are telling yourself today is the movie that you will be watching tomorrow. This is my most recent example of how powerful story telling can be. I am going again to visit my sister in Canada, instead of telling everyone how excited I was about this, I felt it necessary for there to be a reason that I was going. Yes I know you would think that the fact that I miss my sister and want to spend time with her would be enough wouldn’t it… Apparently not so, I have been telling everyone that I have spoken to for the last few months that I will probably end up helping my sister move house while I am over there and that she could really do with my help. What do you think happened when my sister put her house on the market??? It sold within two days of going on the market and settlement is right in the middle of my stay. So guess what!! I am going to be helping my sister move house lol Of course that is totally fine and I don’t mind one little bit, but how powerful was that story that I was telling the Universe. A Universe who by the way eavesdrops on everything that you think, feel and say. So now I am being far more mindful of the story that I am telling and I make sure that it is the one that I actually want in my life.
  • What you put out into the world you receive back from the world. Feel in need of more love then give more love to yourself and those around you. Not feeling supported by life, then be more supportive to yourself and those around you. Do you often wish that you received more acknowledgement and compliments? Have a look at how you do this with yourself and others around you, if you discover that you don’t do it at all then that’s what life is showing you. Thank you Universe for revealing to me in deep clarity all that I need to see in order to live my life to the fullest.


What is your worry addiction trying to reveal to you?

What is your worry addiction trying to reveal to you?

What is your worry addiction trying to reveal to you?

Are you that person when everything in your life is coming up roses, you are blissfully in the flow of life, the roses are blooming, it’s blue skies, the sun is shining endlessly and butterflies are fluttering all around you and all that you can think of is SHIT did I leave the iron on.

Granted you may have once left your iron on and the potentiality of your home burning down was very real, but lets be honest most irons now have a built In turn off if left unattended for a certain period of time.

I am here today holding my hand up in ownership that I am addicted to worry. 

It is the constant churning in your belly.

The endless feeling of – I have forgotten something
Always questioning – Did I lock the front door? 
It’s having that awful feeling of – mmm am I meant to be somewhere
The panic of thinking OMG what day is it and what am I meant to be doing.

This conditioning started early in life for me, as the eldest sister of 3 brothers and one sister I took on the mothering role at a very young age.

I would worry whenever we were somewhere that they would get lost.

I would worry whenever they were doing something they shouldn’t be that they would get hurt.

I would worry that if we were naughty they would get in trouble.

I constantly worried that if I wasn’t there with them then something might happen
Don’t get me wrong my mother was absolutely more than capable but clearly from somewhere I embraced this belief.

This pattern of behaviour really then just followed me throughout my life and I have just transferred this pattern of worry from my siblings to my children.

What is it then that this feeling of worry really gives to any of us?

The constant churning in most cases if the fight or flight response that never gets turned off.

Its the rush of adrenaline that you think keeps you going.

It’s the underlying belief that things are too good to be true and do I really deserve this level of happiness.

It’s that old saying of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It’s that saying of it’s too good to be true
It’s the belief somewhere inside all of us that maybe we really don’t deserve to be happy.

It’s the flawed fundamental belief within us that we aren’t good.

Years of marketing strategists and consumerism that has conditioned us to believe that we cant possibly be happy unless we have X,Y & Z.

What is the effect that this has on the body?
Fight or flight secretes the stress hormone serotonin into our bodies.
Constant Adrenaline results in Adrenal fatigue.

What is in this moment that worry is actually doing for you?

I love this concept by Gay Hendricks
1. Worry arises
2. Recognise it as a worry thought
3. Can you take immediate action right now? 
4. Then ask yourself “Is this really true”?
5. Shift your focus to more positive states of being like gratitude and appreciation

What is the underlying beneath the worry, what is it that is trying to be revealed to you?

Gay speaks of doing this and it so totally resonates with me in a huge way.

There is a fine line between fear and excitement, the only difference is that you breathe life into excitement and starve fear of oxygen.

Firstly sit and feel the worry as an energy in your body
Ask yourself can I take action on this right now ? 

Breathe deeply into the energy of worry 
Allow whatever it is underneath that is trying to come up, come up.


I am leaving soon to visit my sister in Canada.

When I think of this I become overwhelmed with worry.

What is the surface worry 
That I am leaving my family here
Will they be ok and function without me? ABSOLUTELY!

Can I take any action to change this – NO they are more than capable of looking after themselves.

What is the feeling beneath this that is wanting to come up.

As I breathe into this worry the underlying feeling is one of pure excitement.

I love my sister dearly and being apart from her plays on my heart.

I am beyond excited to be spending this amazing time with her. 

So really my feeling is not worry but pure excitement.

My addiction to my worry thoughts had I just stopped with the worry of leaving my family would not have allowed the space for my incredible excitement which is a far better emotion to be filling my body to arise. 

Taking time each day to really breathe deeply, at work in your lunch hour, in the morning before you start your day and definitely at the end of your day is a way that you can switch off your fight or flight response. 

Breathing deeply into the energy of worry and asking those few important questions can reveal to you a much deeper and rewarding experience in your day.

My choice is the feeling of excitement over worry and this is an active exercise that I will continue doing in my daily life whenever I find myself slipping into the all too comfortable sensation of worry.


What lens do you choose, fear or love?

What lens do you choose, fear or love?

What lens do you view your world from?

Do you gaze at life through the eyes of fear, lack, doom and gloom?

Or do you gaze at life through the lens of love, abundance, opportunity and joy?

These are questions that you can easily answer for yourself as you will know how you have reacted to the question in the first place.

If your heart is filled with gratitude for all that you have and you see the beauty in the world then you are looking at life through the lens of love.

If you find yourself feeling that life is working against you, that there isn’t enough for everyone and things never seem to work out for you then you are looking at life through the lens of fear.

You may be thinking to yourself that you can’t change a lifetime of viewing through a fearful lens overnight!

Well here’s the truth — YES you can.


By starting each day with all that you are grateful for:

When you wake up give thanks that you have awoken.

Give thanks for the bed you have to sleep in and the roof over your head.

Give thanks for the water you have to have your hot shower.

Give thanks for the clothes in your wardrobe that you have to wear and thanks to the people who made them.

Give thanks for the food in your fridge to fill your belly.

Give thanks to the people who produced your food.

Give thanks for the job that may have to go to.

Give thanks for your eyes they see what you want to see.

Give thanks for your ears they hear what you want to hear.

Give thanks to your mouth it speaks the words that you choose to say.

Give thanks to your heart it feels what you choose to feel.

Gratitude is the fastest way to shift your view of the world from fear to love.

As you can see from above there is so much to be grateful for and you haven’t even left your house yet.


Bringing awareness to your thoughts

Bringing awareness to your thoughts

Have you stopped throughout your day and really listened to the banter that is going on in your head?

Are you aware of what your mental mind is continuously talking about?

The mental mind loves to complain, why would they be doing that and I wonder why they said that and what did they mean when they said that and why aren’t they doing that this way, and why are they wearing that and why are they doing that?

Why do I have to do that and they don’t, it’s not fair, it’s too cold, it’s too hot.

I’m too tired, why won’t anybody listen to me, she’s this, he’s that, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough clothes, I don’t have enough things, why can’t I be more like them, the list literally is never ending.

I haven’t even mentioned judgement, criticism, negative self talk.

You get my drift right?

Stop now and focus your attention on your head and what it’s saying, I bet it has a running commentary on everything that you just read, there will be some form of labelling going on and opinion or judgement yes?

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day and we are only aware of 5% of them, and those 5% it is fair today are negative and self limiting in some way –

OMG what is going on with the other 95% of our thoughts and no wonder we are depressed, unhappy, exhausted and constantly seeking that hit of something that will give us a time out, like smart phones, food, alcohol, mindless tv, anything that will somehow chill the constant chatter.

Honesty it makes my head hurt at times my mind can get that busy.

The mind, oh how we love the mind, that two year old child that is constantly wanting our attention, that is constantly trying to distract us, that is always needing to create a story, comment, label, judgment movie novel about anything and everything that is going on around us.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you walked away not feeling overly great, you know a small ball of anxiety in the pit of your stomach that makes you think that maybe they weren’t happy with you or that you might have upset them in someway because you just didn’t get the response that you were expecting.

Did you walk away from that encounter and then forget about it?


This exact situation is like letting your mind child loose in a candy store I bet you it went something like this.

You replayed the conversation over and over in your mind, you relived every word that you said and then every word that they said then you had a running commentary on how was their tone of voice, what were their facial expressions, then you move onto interpreting how they could have interpreted what you had said, and then you try every which way but loose in your head the words that they had said to see if they could fit a different way in your mind and this probably went on and on for days yes?

One of the greatest lessons that I have ever learned from the master of Ego mind duality Mr Echkart Tolle is to bring a conscious awareness to my thoughts.

Conscious meaning awake, aware of instead of being completely oblivious to what is going on inside my head.

So I started to actively pay attention and “listen” to what I was really saying, the judgements that I was making, the stories that I was telling myself and the complaining that I was doing without even realising it.

So each day whenever I would “catch” myself on a story about something I would “stop” and “listen” I would literally just kind of step back from myself and really pay attention to what was going on in my head.

Once I started to pay attention to my thoughts, NOW do not judge yourself for having the thoughts that you are having that is just playing right into the minds hands lol

The idea is to be the observer of what’s going on, and when you notice the story you acknowledge, I say, Oh wow that’s a pretty cool story what else would you like to say about that.

It really did not take long for my mental mind activity to really slow down.

Where once I would have written an Epic novel or have scripted a full movie, I now may only get as far as the first chapter or the first few pages before I catch it, I then acknowledge it sometimes – I might even say “Oh nice work that was a good story” and then it drops away.

It’s impossible to complain about something if you are saying how good it is or how ok you are with it.

EG: Roster comes out for work and Joanne gets three more shifts than you.
Mental mind goes into rampage:
As soon as you catch yourself start saying, you know what I really like Joanne she is such a lovely person and how lucky am I to have work that pays my bills and puts food in my mouth and a roof over my head.

NO room here for mental mind complaining and negativity.

Taking the time to train myself to become more consciously aware of what is going on inside of my head has in all honesty saved my sanity I am sure.

This is not to say that my mind is not still active, it is, but I am aware of it and it does not rule me, I am able to rein it in.

Try this for the next 21 days and just notice how you go, be gentle and kind with yourself, remember story telling is exactly what the mind wants to do and it loves a good drama.




What does faith mean to you?

We hear this word a lot don’t we?

I guess that it has many different meanings for many different people.

The definitions as per google is:
“Complete trust or confidence in someone or something”
“Strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof”

Well, I have to say that I really like number 1 that definitely speaks to me.

Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

I remember as a kid that I would spend every recess outside laying on the grass looking up at the clouds.

I used to see the most amazing things in the clouds, I would see animals and teddy bears and all different shapes, I felt the energy of the ground beneath me and it comforted me, and I felt the energy of “something” else when I gazed up at the sky.

In these moments I felt completely supported and safe in my little world.

I was bought up a catholic and whenever I was at church and the words were being read out it always seemed completely alien to the understanding that I already seemed to have within me.

What was being told to me was not resonating with the deep knowing that I had in my heart about the energy in the world that I felt out side of myself but within myself also.

Now I’m not going to go into a huge religious rant because it’s not all bad and lets be honest everyone needs something and everything has its place.

All that I will say is that I was bought up under description number 2 and it always left me wanting.

The “faith” that I seemed to come into this world with was not something that was taught to me from church because by the time that I was 10 I was becoming very outspoken about my displeasure at what was being delivered to me every week.

Why did I need to go to church to prove that I believed in God became my standard weekly argument.

The God that I knew would never not love me just because I did something wrong, and the God that I knew loved us all no matter what we did.

So my beautiful mum in her infinite wisdom when she could not answer my questions sent me to have a chat to our parish priest.

I will give our parish priest a huge thumbs up because as a person who held a very significant position of power he really could have squashed the curiously and independence of a 10 year old but he didn’t, he asked me to explain to him why I felt the way that I did and what did God mean to me.

I told him that God to me was everything, the sky, the clouds, the birds, the ground, the flowers, the trees, the animals and the people and that I talked to God all the time so why did I have to go into a specific place to prove that I believed in God.

I said to him that I believed that God loved us no matter what we did.

Anyway so much about not getting religious but this lovely man did not squash me, he was very kind compassionate and supportive and actually did not say anything to the contrary of what I had said.

I have confirmed with my mum that after our conversation he actually said to my mum “I could not answer her, everything that she said was right and I couldn’t tell her otherwise.”

Now this is what fascinates me, if my faith did not come from my church environment then where did it come from?

Where does faith come from, what is it, what does it look like, what does it taste like, what does it feel like?

It seems to me to be an incredibly powerful force that if it can’t be grasped or labeled or actualised or contextualised then what is it made of and where does it come from?

Have you noticed that when you are in a situation that you think that you cannot give anymore or have anymore that you have found that when you have dug deep there seemed to be another level to you, some reservoir that you were completely unaware of.

It’s a deep sense that once you have travelled through the layers of fear, panic, desperation, tears and sheer determination that there arises a place of complete surrender where you have no where else to go and nothing else that you can do.

It is like getting to the bottom of the water well and drinking the last drop of water and thinking “OMG” there is no water left I’m going to die of thirst, and as you accept this fact sitting there on your knees, thinking that’s it I’m done theres nothing else, and then miraculously out of nowhere there springs out of the bottom of the well fresh running water.

This is what faith feels like to me, it feels like when you have nothing else left available to you and from no where comes this powerful running force of energy that fills you up.

It comes from deep within you and while you know its of you, you also have a sense that it is also from outside of you.

As this energy wells up within you all of that fear, desperation, confusion and dissolution just seems to melt away and you are left with the thirst quenching feeling of being filled and sated, that all will be well and that you have no idea how, you just know that it will be.

Faith has been that warm feeling of being hugged by something unseen when fear tightens your belly and closes your throat.

Faith is seeing a situation unfolding before your eyes that could potentially ruin your life and as you sit there making a promise to this unseen force that if you could just get me out of this I promise to spend that rest of my life working in your service and the situation before you changes in a split second.

Faith is that feeling of knowing that in the midst of something outside of yourself completely controlling your whole life that somewhere, somehow you are going to be saved from yourself.

Faith is that feeling in your heart that lets you know that there is still hope, even though you can’t see it you just know that its there.

Faith is when all of the roads before you have come to a dead end and you cannot see any other way forward and all that you can do is sit and wait.

Faith is that person who just shows up literally a day after you have put the thought out there that you need someone.

Faith is when the world is doing its best to strip all hope from our hearts through fear and despair but there’s a stubbornness within you that refuses to give up hope.

Faith is when you have absolutely no clue where you are going but if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other then a miracle might show up.

Faith is the witnessing of man when he comes to the rescue of his fellow brother with no thought to his own safety.

Faith is all you have left when the world seems to have gone crazy and you keep believing in your heart that all will be well even when you have no proof.

Fatih is not having a clue what it is that I’m supposed to do or where I am supposed to go but knowing deep down inside of me that, if I just follow this or keep doing that it will all reveal itself to me.

My life has shown me over and over again that no matter where I am or what I am doing there is a presence that flows within me and outside of me that is forever guiding me, supporting me and protecting me.

I have a faith that I cannot explain that we, all of us are one, that we all of us are loved, that we all of us are not just random acts within a chaotic Universe.

I have faith that ALL OF US have come into this life with a deep knowing and a deep connection to the force and the fabric that holds this Universe together and that it is available to us and through us always.


Why cant I live in my bubble of bliss?

Why cant I live in my bubble of bliss?


Why can’t I permanently live in my bubble of bliss?

Meditation for me has been one of my saving graces on my healing journey.

Of course there is so much more to me than just mediation as I have spent nearly 30 years (OMG) on personal growth, understanding and development.

My quest for what makes people tick, why do people do what they do, why am I the way that I am and how can I change the world around me and If I can’t change the world around me then how can I change myself so that my world can be my happy place of rainbows, unicorns, magic and love.

Truly I am 100% deadly serious, in 2014 I made the choice to turn off all radio and TV.

I also made the choice to never look another magazine or newspaper.

Mind you this drove my Dad completely nuts, he just could not fathom how it was ok for me not to be abreast of all of the crappy, horrific, stressful and menacing things that were happening in the world that those outlets presented to me.

He thought it was terribly irresponsible of me to not “KNOW” what was going on in the world lol

I lovingly explained to him that “Dad, if I”m about to get annihilated I don’t want to know about it anyway, and if there is something major in the world that I need to know about somehow the message will find its way to me”

I am happy to say that he is now more than comfortable with me living in a bubble of complete and utter ignoramus bliss and he is also my favourite fan who sits and watches the work that I do each week.

Lets all take ourselves back to when we were kids, back when daisy chains were as magnificent as diamonds, when the clouds played hide and seek with the sun and may have even given us some magical teddies or animals in the sky,

A time when the sounds of the lawn mowers outside made you feel safe and warm and that all was well in the world, back when you believed in magic, when you believed in fairies, when you walked through the bush or trees in nature and pretended that you were in a magical fantastical forest.

Back when you believed that you could be anything that you wanted to be, back when you could run and skip and jump and play and make up stories in our head and play for hours.

Do you know where your sense of wonder is?
When was the last time that you looked up at the sky and looked for magical creatures in the sky?

When was the last time that you saw a rainbow and wondered was there really a pot of gold at the other end?

When was the last time that you took yourself on a walk through an enchanted forest.
When was the last time that you let the idea or even the slightest little feeling into your heart that maybe there really is magic in the world?

Over 20 years ago I read a book called the Celestine Prophecy, and from the book a vision of a perfectly evolved human world was born.

My life has taken many downward spirals and random turns since then and at times I lost that vision of how this life on Earth could really be.

I am so happy to say that regular mediation has allowed me to reconnect once again with that sense of child like wonder in the world, it has awakened within me the belief and the faith that there is so much more “Out there” and to “Us” than we could ever imagine.

Meditation has given me the space and the permission to surround myself in my beautiful, joyful and pretty bubble of bliss.

I don’t live here permanently however I have permanently changed my view of the world.

I believe with all of my heart and my soul that we are the creators of our own reality, I believe completely that what we choose to see in the world is exactly what the world will give to us.

What I know for sure is that Meditation has steered me back to that enchanted forest, to the world of magic and to a place of Love.

Such a happier, healthier and more joyful place than the world of fear, lack, stress, anger and confusion that I played in for so long.
What have you got to lose? Nothing right!!

Start your meditation practice today, check out my free mediations on Youtube  or join my growing group of online live meditators here:

Oh and if you are looking for me I’ll be waiting at the end of the rainbow, or riding my unicorn, or floating amongst the clouds in my bubble of bliss.

Big Love




What is grace, how do you know you are in the presence of it or how do you know that you have it already within you.
Grace comes from when you fully surrender yourself to a power greater than yourself, if that is your Source, Your God, The Universe, Mother Earth, Divinity, Spirit, All That Is, Higher Consciousness or Divine Intelligence.
It is whatever the name is that you use to describe your Higher Power.

Grace is that feeling of energy that is otherworldly that flows through you when you feel compelled to do something for another human being.

That moment that your mental mind gets out of the way and you just take the action as it is flowed through you.
That could be helping another person in a time of crisis, helping someone cross the road, seeing someone in trouble and going to their aid, giving a friend a call right at the moment that they perhaps believe that no one in the world cared about them.

The list of these inspirations can be endless and I am sure that you yourself have felt this inspired action on many occasions and have sat back in wonder afterwards thinking “Wow that was the most amazing sense of fulfilment that I have ever experienced and what if I hadn’t listened”

I once heard a story of a person who was inspired to stop and say hello to a person who was standing on their own on a street corner, no biggie nothing huge they just smiled at this person and said hello. What this person later came to know was that the person that they were inspired to engage with was actually planning on taking their own life that very day.

This one small and seemingly insignificant action literally saved a persons life.

Now imagine if the person delivering this incredible gift had gone into the ego mind of overthinking and overanalysing and did the whole – they will think I’m crazy or they may react negatively.

This person did not do that, they simply followed the feeling and the intense urge that flowed through them to take the action.
This is Grace

Being inspired to reach out and touch someone just randomly as you speak to them could be the only human contact that they may have had in a very long time.
This is Grace

Reaching out to help another with the lessons that you have learned without expecting anything in return.
This is Grace

Surrendering to your Higher Power when you have gotten caught up in the Being, Doing and Having of life and it is no longer helping you to move forward.
This is Grace

Acknowledging that you can no longer “do this” from your own power and asking your Higher Power to please show you the way, to take this burden from you, to show you how to clearly see a situation.
This is Grace

The act of being on your knees in surrender to your Higher Power and asking this power to flow through you so that you may be of service to others as well as yourself.
This is Grace

Accepting where you are right now and surrendering to this moment that you cannot change or control.
This is Grace

Grace is getting out of the way and allowing the Divine to flow through you.


Stillness within

Stillness within

Stillness within

There is a space within you that is similar to being the eye of the storm but not the storm.

This is what I have come to know and understand through my regular meditation practice.
There is a space deep within you where no harm can come to you.

It is a space where life in all it’s craziness and chaos can go on around you.

Its the space where it is filled with compassion for the person that you are.

It is a space in which only love resides.

It is a space filled with a benevolent force that knows every aspect of who you are, it sees into the very heart of your Soul.

From deep within this space comes the unwavering knowing that somehow everything is going to be ok.

It is a place deep within the ocean where there is only silence as the waves roll and crash above.

From within the deepest crevices of your Being is the essence of who you truly are.

The essence of you that was here long before you arrived in this physical form and will remain long after your physical form leaves this physical world.

The essence of you that is connected to the Infinite intelligence of the Universe.
The essence of you that knows only love is real.

The essence of you that understands that fear is the greatest illusion that we as human beings are hear to learn and understand.

The essence of you that still remembers that there is no separation and that you are and always will be as one with the supermen consciousness of the Universe.

When you turn your attention inward, when you allow the thoughts of your mind to be like the leaves on the wind, from where you can watch with quiet curiosity as they move past you in your field of awareness and not feel the persistent desire to reach out and grab hold of them.

When you can drop deep into the ocean beneath the thoughts that are like the crashing waves on the surface you will find that still place within you that can withstand any storm.

Begin your journey inward today, start each morning with your hand on your Heart Centre.

Follow your breath all the way into your body and all the way out of your body, do this for several minutes.

Feel deeply into your heart centre and bring to your mind all that you are grateful for.
Notice the sensations as they arise within your body, notice the energy as it begins to move within your body.

Allow yourself to completely fall into these sensations as they arise to meet you from deep within your awareness.


10 Reasons why you should meditate

10 Reasons why you should meditate

Ten Reasons why you should Meditate

1.Improved concentration accuracy and selective attention.

Do you find that you are becoming more and more forgetful as you try to cram everything that you need to know and do into that space that you call your head?

Studies have shown that regular meditation practices can improve your ability to concentrate – now we could all use more of this in our lives yes?

“A mindful state is characterised by full attention to, and awareness of, the internal and external experience of the present moment… whatever arises is acknowledged and examined without judgment, elaboration, or reaction”

Australian research found meditators showed increased (self-reported) mindful awareness, working memory (based on an internal switching task), executive function (reaction time on a digit span memory test). Executive function is often reduced in depression.
Chambers 2008 Attentional control memory (Uni Melb). {ibid}

2. Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Now I have suffered with all of the above regularly throughout my life.
As a teenager and right into my 20’s I suffered with what I now know to be depression.

I was very lucky that during this time I was introduced to meditation and it was only in my 30’s when I stopped regular attendance and practice that my anxiety and stress levels seemed to get out of control.

At one stage my anxiety was so bad that I would regularly choke on my food and I was suffering from severe chest pains – I had all of these medically checked out but I wanted to be able to resolve the underlying issue of the Anxiety and stress and find alternative ways to deal with them on my own.

So in 2013 when I finally reintroduced mediation into my daily life as a regular practice morning and night guess what happened – I could eat food without it getting stuck in my throat, my excessive and embarrassing sweating that no amount of multi million dollar deodorants helped me with disappeared and my stress levels significantly reduced.

Regular meditation reduces the level of Cortisol (stress hormone) in your body by switching off your flight or fight response.


A recent review of functional MRI studies on depression and meditation conducted in Queensland showed positive effects of mindfulness practice on the areas of the brain associated with depression.

It is possible that increased attention regulation, as well as the sense of self-efficacy that results from regular meditation, contributes to in an improvement in overall wellbeing.
( Annells 2016 Review Meditate not medicate depression)

3. Reduced feelings of Anger
Significant changes in the experience of anger were observed prior and following meditation in both novice and experienced meditators.

Anger was measured by physiological parameters (respiration rate, heart rate, and blood pressure) and subjective anger (visual analog scale).

Experienced meditators showed relaxation-type response to anger induction (slowed breathing and heart rate, decreased blood pressure) before and after meditation training.

Whilst naïve meditators showed anger-type responses prior to meditation training, whilst after training they showed relaxation-type responses.

These results indicate that even a single training session of meditation is able to produce changes in the response to anger inducing situations. (Roberts-Wolfe 2013)

I know that my reactions to situations that I now experience come from a much calmer and more centred space.

Don’t get me wrong I still lose my *h*t especially when my beloved pushes all of the right buttons.

It’s the intensity of it that is no longer what it used to be and the time that it takes to evaluate and move on from the situation has vastly improved to the days of old when I could really hold onto something for a really long period of time.

I can now recognised the effect and the impact that the feelings of anger have on my body and on my wellbeing and I can make the choice through increased self awareness to consciously shift that.

4. Meditation has been shown to be effective for some forms of addiction.
(Brewer 2011)

A lot more research is out there now in regards to the benefits that mediating has on addiction.

What is addiction at its core?

For me and my own experiences and my own understandings is that at the core of all of us is a deep need to feel fulfilled, to feel connected and to feel happy.

When you have a substance or you buy a product or you fall in love, you eat food you have an instant hit of feeling amazing, of feeling happy and connected you feel on top of the world.

What happens then is that you keep looking for that same hit, you have more substance, you eat more food, you buy more things, you go out on more dates its just more more more to try and keep getting that initial feel good feeling.

Introducing a meditation practice into your life aids you in finding that sense of connection and happiness from within instead of looking for it outside of yourself.

5. Improves sleep
I too can vouch for this one also, right up until I was about 27 I suffered from terrible insomnia, once I introduced a regular meditation practice into my nightly routine this significantly quietened the mind and assisted me in shutting off so that I could go to sleep. (Ferrarelli 2013)

6. Improves your Immune System
Regular meditation has been shown to improve your immune system and overall health and wellbeing.

I know that since I have been meditating regularly I no longer get the amount of migraines that I once used to, my sinus has all but disappeared and believe me this has been a life long issue of mine and I have not had a (flu) or (cold) for that matter in years.

And at times when I have felt a little off it has not taken me long to get back to feeling well and healthy.

My resilience within myself and my body seems to be much higher than of those around me who aren’t managing their stress etc

7. Reduces Inflammation in the Body
This is another one of the most surprising health benefits of meditation that I have learned.

Meditation is effective at reducing inflammation in your body.

A study found that those who participated in an 8 week course of mindfulness meditation training saw a reduction in stress-induced inflammation better than those that altered their diet and exercise level.

8. Reduces Pain
Meditation has been found to help reduce pain from common headaches to pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Study has shown that meditation can help reduce pain from headaches. I can certainly vouch for the reduction of migraines and I once used this on myself when I tore my calf muscle, omg the pain was excruciating I went home,
I iced, and I literally laid on the couch and meditated for a few hours.

When I finally got to my physiotherapist she was surprised at how well I was coping and in the end with how well and quickly I recovered and was up playing sport.

9. Improves Mood and Makes You Happy
Meditation increases serotonin (the happy chemical) which makes you feel good and boosts your mood.

Those that are under high stress or dealing with depression often have low levels of serotonin.

Meditation also aids the perineal gland in producing Dopamine another of the bodies natural feel good chemicals.

All of these natural feel good chemicals boost your mood therefore improving your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

10. Reduces your blood pressure
One study found that meditation was so effective for 40 out of 60 patients with high blood pressure, that they could stop taking blood pressure medicine.

Meditation helps promote relaxation and is very calming. Practicing meditation helps blood vessels to open and improves blood flow, which aids in decreasing blood pressure.

These and many more are all scientifically proven benefits of undertaking a regular meditation practice.

Since introducing Meditation as a daily practice into my life I have gone from working the corporate 9-5pm being incredibly stressed, suffering from cluster migraines, struggling with all sorts of addictive behaviours and patterns as well as self medicating for my mental health in so many ways it was just ridiculous.

Now I’m living a life that is for the majority stress free and more in alignment with who I am now in my life.

My life now is about helping others who are ready to take back control of their lives.
I honesty look back at that time of my life and I cannot believe that it was me.

I no longer resemble that person in any way and I am so grateful that meditation was the key for me on my healing journey.

I now teach meditation (certified ACHS) to other people that’s how profoundly it effected my life and I believed so deeply in the power of it that I wanted to get it out to as many people as I could.

So many of my own personal breakthroughs, insights, releasing and forgiving of the past myself and others all happened from within the sacred space of Meditation.

If you would like to experience the power of Meditation and you feel inspired to share in your meditation journey experience with me, then why not join my online live fortnightly meditation classes HERE